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Bellator 295 - Stots vs. Mix (April 22nd)

Egg Shen

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Wasn't even gonna post this because interest is scarce, but im bored sitting in Supermarket car park waiting on someone so thought i'd get something up.

Bellator has a double header in Hawaii this weekend. Bellator 294 was actually last night, but the bigger and better card is tonight.


No fancy graphic yet but here's the card:


The card is not suprisingly heavy on local fighters but that's not a bad thing and the main event is an absolute top drawer title fight.

Notably, Horiguchi/Borg is off. Ray Borg was pulled when it became apparent he was going to miss the weight, just unbelievable, who the hell even let Borg sign on to fight at 125?

The Yancy Medeiros/Charlie Leary fight is now on the main card, great to see Yancy get that spot.

Oh and if anyone has avoided last nights results and is interested, here's the card, its decent in itself...


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Ray Borg and Nicco Montano are the king and queen of pulling out of fights. Unbelievable.

Also, I meant to mention in the Holloway vs Allen thread last week but got to love how every time the media ask Dana about doing a show in Hawaii, he acts like it’s impossible and there’s all these obstacles stopping it. Meanwhile Bellator’s been going there for ages with no issues. 

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Was reading about the Carmouche/Bennett match - seems it was a rematch from a previous one, and in both of them, Bennett missed weight. Plus she missed weight in her match with Alejandra Lara. With a record like that, I'm surprised she was granted a title match.

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