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Dream interactions or promo segments


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This thread inspired by a realisation I had on the back of the brilliant Paul Heyman/Cody Rhodes interaction this week - I'd absolutely love to see Paul Heyman have a promo segment with Hangman Page. 

The idea of Heyman playing off Page's insecurities, Hangman's firey response - and the potential threads weaved on the back of this interaction is a really exciting prospect. 

Even though we all acknowledge how great Page is on the mic, I still think he's massively underrate - I've said it before, but I think he's the most intelligent storyteller in all of wrestling; having crafted a character and story arc full of nuance and layers. 

So yeah, I'd love to see how a promo segment with Heyman would play out. I can't imagine it would be anything short of outstanding. 

Do you have any "dream" interactions or promo segments, that you'd like to see?

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Heyman's involved in one of mine as well - when Sting debuted in WWE, I really hoped we'd get a Sting/Lesnar programme. You've got the best monster heel of his generation against one of the best fiery babyfaces of all time, and doing the legwork on the microphone you've got Paul Heyman.

I envisioned it as Heyman harking back to his time in WCW, basically saying that he's achieved everything he ever set out to do in his career, except one - he was never able to beat Sting, and now he has the most dominant client he's ever managed, Brock Lesnar would end Sting's career. I feels like there would have been a lot to play with there.


Another is Undertaker/Great Muta, around the late '90s, when 'Taker popped up in Michinoku Pro for a match with Hakushi following on from Hakushi's match with Muta. They were part of the same story, but never actually crossed paths themselves. It wouldn't have been a mat classic, but could have been just the right side of spooky nonsense.

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Lesnar vs. Sting was a proper dream match for me. Not one of those bollocks ones where people go "ooh, these two are similar" but in a pure "this could be amazing" way. Instead they pissed Sting away on Triple H and Seth "Not Another Nickname" Rollins. Awful. 

Talking of Sting, I wish we had a La Parka/Crow Sting confrontation. La Parka doing his dance, Sting just staring, Parka hitting him with a chair, Sting no selling, etc. 

Muta/Taker could all too easily have slipped into boring bollocks I think. It shouldn't have been but I'm not sure you're not tempting fate by putting those two together. 

This is complete fantasy because it'd be mixing people from different time periods, but I think you could have a really fun feud between Cena and Naito. Something like Naito of a few of years ago winning the WWE championships when it was still the spinner, treating it like he did the IC title, the two of them sharing segments where they're both playing it cool in their own very different ways until the go home show where Cena does one of his serious promos about how much that title means to him, how he helped design it to leave his mark, how he knows other people don't like it just like they don't like him, how Naito only cares about himself, and then the match with Naito getting in Cena's face, doing the eye taunt, and Cena smacking the taste out of his mouth like he did in his first match with Kurt. 

Also, Bischoff era RAW, Norman Smiley randomly debuts and does the big wiggle in the ring. Bischoff comes out and tells him he's had his 3 minutes. The rest of the show is Norman running, hiding and screaming his way through the back trying to avoid 3MW. 

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I think a Guerrero, Michaels interaction would've been great had it happened in 06. Both had real life retribution situations where they overcame abuse issues to achieve even bigger heights then before. That said considering some of the stuff they did in 06 it would've been heel Eddie trying to temp HBK back to the dark side or something tasteless

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