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Fat Man's Big Old Walk


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So on Saturday June 25th I'm doing the Lyke Wake Walk. https://lykewake.org/history.php

Basically a 40 mile walk across the North York moors. Big old beast of a walk, especially for a fat man with long covid!

I'll be taking photos along the way, if anyone's interested.

Im also using it as a chance to raise money for Firefly, a local charity that takes cancer patients to their hospital appointments. So feel free to throw 50p or whatever you can.



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Well. This walk hasn't gone how I expected. On the way down a very steep hill


Sodding thing just jumped from nowhere as I was mid step. I slid about 20 or 30 meters down the hill, and when I got up again my knee was agony. 

I continued the walk for another couple of hours, at a very slow pace, until coming up to a stoned path that was crazy steep. I physically couldn't do it with my knee. I manged about 6km, 4 of which I hobbled. 

So, failed. 

I'm genuinely hugely disappointed. I was really looking forward to it, and I loved what I did there. But I can at least say I wasn't let down by myself, it was a freak accident that led to a (mild) injury.








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