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Bellator 276 - Borics vs. Burnell (12th March)

Egg Shen

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Bellator seem to be back in the pattern of doing a show that appeals to a wider audience, then following it up with one of the diehard Bellator fans. This definitely falls into the latter camp.

I'll be honest, I may not even get around to watching this as there's just so much on this weekend, but i'll keep tabs and I'll feel bad if I don't get a thread up.


Lots of good there though, Borics/Burnell is a hardcore fan's special. Burnell arguably the most under-appreciated fighter in the sport at the moment.

Big fan of Jay-Jay Wilson, he keeps having fights cancelled so i hope this actually happens.

Polizzi/Augusto could be good. Augusto the guy who gave Rumble Johnson all he could handle in his Bellator debut.

Oh, and Roman Faraldo on the card, might not know the name, but last time out he did this:

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I know Bellator prelims are a weird brew. A weird mix of prospects, squash matches, local fighters and the odd great fight that seems to have slipped through the net. But Romero Cotton/Freddie Sandoval is one of the weirdest.

Romero Cotton typical is a 5-0 Bellator prospect, high level wrestler crossing over. His opponent Freddy Sandoval is 5-6, but hasn't fought in over 12 years! 

Bellator prelims, gotta love em.

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missed the show, but caught up on spoilers and highlights...

Every now and then, fans have a debate of what is the hardest strike anyone has taken which didn't result in a KO. Surely Jose Augusto's knee on Alex Polizzi has closed the book on any debate, forever...

and Polizzi came back to win the fight!

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