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Bellator 275 - Mousasi vs. Vanderford (Feb 25th) 🇨🇮

Egg Shen

Who leaves with the belt?  

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Off to Ireland... 

This one should be live on BBC 3.


Friday evening, Bellator returns to the 3 Arena.The atmosphere at Bellator's Dublin shows have become arguably the best anywhere in MMA, always have a special feel. That said, this has just lost the Peter Queally fight, so we won't get his Zombie entrance.


Its heavy on Irish fighters and Kavanaugh/McCourt fight is a big one for Irish MMA. Im not at all sold on McCourt as a fighter, so i'll take Kavanaugh here.

Mousasi/Vanderford is a great title fight, Vanderford has earned his crack and if Mousasi half arses this, i expect Vanderford to unseat him here, gonna be a heavy wrestling attack.

Brett Johns down on the prelims too, his Bellator career has started poorly but hoping he gets back on track.

Khasan Magomedsharipov is the younger brother of Zabit. Hope he fights like his brother.


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Sweet. Don’t usually bother with Bellator prelims but with this on at 6 I might tune in early for this one. Would’ve watched the main card anyway but at the very least I’ll give Brett Johns’ fight a look off the prelims. Always enjoyed watching him. 

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i'm done ever doubting Mousasi again. I don't know if its the demeanour (though he seems overly happy these days), and him always looks half arsed but I did feel Vanderford had a shot here...same as me thinking John Salter had a shot last time. Mousasi just walked through him, utter cakewalk. Mousasi is a legend.

McCourt/Kavanaugh over-delivered for me too. Probably not a great fight, but in terms of heart, guts and leaving it all out in the cage in front of the home town this was it. Both women were in serious trouble and Kavanaugh gutting in on one leg for nearly the whole fight has to be applauded. The prize? another beating from Cyborg 😕

thought this summed up the main event nicely:


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Was it just me or did it seem that vanderford was a little wobbly legged but he pretty much finished himself off defending the takedown and slamming his head into the canvas?

That co main event was unreal, she won the fight with 1 leg which is unbelievable and she showed absolute heart and gritt 

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Mousasi fucked Austin up like he owed him money. Best Moose has looked in a long time. He was like a man possessed. I know Bellator needs him more but I’d love to see Mousasi back in the UFC. We missed out on so many great fights there and there’s still a bunch of fresh ones now. Adesanya obviously being the big one but also a Whittaker fight could be great, there’s Costa, Vettori, Till, Alex Pereira etc. Still wanna see him and Yoel Romero fight though so I hope Coker makes that one at some point. Time’s running out now though. 

1 hour ago, Kfogg1991 said:

vanderford was a little wobbly legged but he pretty much finished himself off 

Married to Paige VanZant and finishes himself off? He deserved to get battered.

Enjoyed the Sinead Kavanagh vs Leah McCourt fight. In some ways it was almost the ‘peoples main event’ with both being Irish and the crowd was into it big time. I still like these striker vs grappler clashes as well. Although Kavanagh flipping the script with the sweep and kimura attempt in the first round was a surprise. Looked nasty the angle McCourt’s arm and it was probably only the fact that Kavanagh’s not a polished grappler that saved McCourt there. Kavanagh’s tough as fuck to not only get through the leg injury but somehow go the distance and come out with the decision. Think McCourt might’ve fucked up by taking Kavanagh down in the last round. I get why she did because she’s a grappler and that’s gonna be her first instinct but with Kavanagh one legged, you’d think she was there for the taking. Especially after how her leg gave out at the end of the second round. Good fight though.

Shame we have to see Kavanagh fed to Cyborg again but Bellator are fast running out of victims for her. Thought we were getting Cyborg vs Cat Zingano next but I read the other day that Zingano’s saying she needs more time or something. She’s 39 now so I don’t know how much more time she’s planning on taking but it’s not gonna end well whenever she takes the fight. 

Nice to see Brett Johns get the W over what seemed like a tough Russian. Wasn’t an amazing fight but he got the finish and the win. 

Oh and Danni McCormack got fucking murdered by Stephanie Page on the prelims. Fuck me. Hurt her badly in the first few seconds and just never let her recover. Rough way to lose the O for McCormack.

The Darragh Kelly finish sounded like it nearly blew the roof off.

Oh and…



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