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Wrestling's Promo of the Year 2021

Frankie Crisp

Wrestling's Promo of the Year 2021  

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  1. 1. What hooked you?

    • CM Punk’s return promo
    • CM Punk and Eddie Kingston
    • Miro Vs. God
    • Punk's promo addressing Moxley's rehab
    • CM Punk/MJF promo battle on Dynamite
    • Hangman Page's "That's Cowboy Shit" promo

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CM Punk's return promo was a hell of a moment, but in some ways it's difficult to even think of it in terms of a wrestling promo - it's main purpose wasn't to set up or sell a match, it was just "here's this guy you like", and it was the best possible version of that.

But Eddie Kingston and Punk together managed to take a match that nobody had considered and turn it into the most heated feud in the company with just a few minutes of chat. Kingston was on a different level to anybody else all year, and that was probably his highlight.

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Eddie Kingston is going to win this every year for as long as he’s in a major company with enough people seeing him. Saying he’s on a different level to everyone else doesn’t do it justice. There’s a fucking chasm between him and whoever you’d think was the second best. Most authentic performer I’ve ever seen. His delivery of that bit where he snaps and tells Punk no-one likes him and nobody wants him here is incredible.

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