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Bellator 261 - Johnson vs. Moldavsky (25th June)

Egg Shen

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Now this one may be abit of a tough sell. 


This one aint leaping out like some other recent Bellator cards.

The fact that Timothy Johnson is fighting for any version of a major promotions Heavyweight Title (albeit Interim) in 2021 is a bit of a 'really?' on paper, but hes earned it. 3 solid wins on the bounce, including finally putting to bed Cheick Kongo's sleep inducing run to the title. 

Moldavsky is another of the Fedor Team fighters infiltrating Bellator. He's 5-0 in the promotion but hasnt really brought any excitement or buzz to proceedings. 

This is simply gonna be a case of whether or not Johnson can shackle the much smaller and mobile Moldavksy, if Johnson cant do that he's likely gonna get beaten up and picked apart for 5 rounds.

The undercard has a few standout fights, i have no real interested in Carmouche/Watanabe.

Weichel/Diggs and Jury/Outlaw feel like standard Bellator main card filler, could be decent though.

Christian Edwards is the only real new era propsect on the main card that may be worth a look. Early days for him but he's looking decent.

So yeah, Timothy Johnson, Heavyweight Champion of the World.



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Edwards is a protégé of Jon Jones'. I probably watched his last fight in October of last year, but I can't remember anything about it.

Soren Bak's name stands out on the prelim section. His last fight was dull, but he's clearly got some talent. 

Moldavsky because is probably my least favourite fighter out of the Team Fedor camp. His fights have done nothing for me thus far. His last fight with Nelson was especially dull. 

Weichel/Diggs and Carmouche/Watanbe are okay additions to the main card. 

Still, I can't say I am amped for this one. 

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It was an alright show, Some great finishes one of which is the 4th fastest KO in Bellator history. 

The main event was more 1 sided than I expected and I was incredibly shocked it went the distance as they were both throwing hell for leather the entire time.
Did anyone watching notice BBC I player edit out the accidental headbutt during the 4th round in the main event that opened up that massive gash on Johnson's eye. 

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