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Journey of Wrestling


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I discovered this game over the weekend and it's completely taken hold of my life.


It's a booking simulator game in the same vein as EWR and TEW but - from what I remember from playing them many years ago - a bit less in depth, which is fine with me as that was what put me off those.

It's free but there is some more in depth stuff you can do if you pay for the upgraded version. But the free one is perfectly fine.

As I'm re-watching ECW TV, I've decided to start with ECW '97. It's not going great but I do currently have a super hot feud between Shane Douglas and Tanaka 

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I did WCW had the Fusient deal gone through. 

Booked a Flair vs Rhodes father and son feud which produced a **** 3/4 match between Ric and Dusty according to The Wrestling Spectator. Then Ric and Dusty made amends and went on a tag title run. 

Game is a lot of fun but you need to remember to change the default option from 2 weeks in between PPVs to 4 so you can some proper momentum for the company you're booking. 

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