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Bellator 258 - Archuleta vs. Pettis (May 7th)

Egg Shen

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Friday night...


A few weeks ago, id have said this was arguably the best fight card in Bellator's history, if not the best it was very close. The loss of Yoel Romero in the co-main event though was a big hit. That said, it still features the return of Rumble Johnson and remains one of the better cards ive seen Bellator put out in terms of depth, tremendous stuff.

Exit Romero, enter...


Jose Augusto. I know nothig about him other than he's 7-2 and fight out of the same camp as the Pitbull brothers. Who knows how this plays out?

Here's the card (bout order according to wiki)

Main Card:

Juan Archuleta vs. Sergio Pettis (Bantamweight Title Fight)

Anthony Johnson vs. Jose Augusto

Patricky Pitbull vs. Peter Queally

Michael Page vs. Derek Anderson


Josh Hill vs. Raufeon Stots

Weber Almeida vs. Johnny Soto

Logan Storley vs. Omar Hussein

Johnny Eblen vs. Daniel Madrid

Henry Corrales vs. Johnny Campbell

Erik Perez vs. Blaine Shutt

Patrick Mix vs. Albert Morales

Rafael Carvalho vs. Lorenz Larkin

I'll post the final bout order later in the week cause those prelims are abit all over the gaff.

I fully expect Achuleta to walk over Pettis in the main event. Too much pressure, too strong. If Pettis doesnt get Archuleta's respect early i think hes in for a rough one. Plus, how about this get-up? he's one 1 round up in my eyes for even attempting to pull that off.


Michael Page could be in deep too. Anderson is MVP's toughest challenge since he fought Lima a few years back. I hope these rankings to bed the idea of MVP finding randoms too, crazy to think he's been in Bellator for 7 years now.



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Yeah, got to think the order will be shuffled here. I reckon Mix vs Morales and Carvalho vs Larkin will end up higher up the card than that. It’s a really good card. Just gutted about Yoel. To think this week we were supposed to be gearing up for Sandhagen vs Dillashaw and Romero vs Rumble.



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Larkin was initially scheduled to fight Costello van Steenis. So we could have had a main card consisting of:

Archuleta vs Pettis

Romero vs Rumble

Gallagher vs Mix

Larkin vs Van Steenis. 


Still, should be a decent card. Looking forward to finding out who will be Nemkov's bitch later in the summer. 

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Did you see the pictures Bellator took of Rumble and Yoel before Yoel dropped out? Don’t know if it’s Bellator’s lighting or what but they look a bit haggard 😂



Actually, Yoel looks alright considering his age and that he was about to fail his medical. Rumble looks like modern day middle aged Tommy Hearns though. 

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😄 they do.

The recent Rumble pictures are nuts, he almost looks like he did at 170. How hes that lean now at 205 but somehow managed to get to 170 is one of lifes great mysteries.

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25 minutes ago, Egg Shen said:

The recent Rumble pictures are nuts, he almost looks like he did at 170. How hes that lean now at 205 but somehow managed to get to 170 is one of lifes great mysteries.

Even weirder when you look at how HUGE he was not so long ago. 


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The prelims are actually really good for Bellator's standards. Storley, Mix, Stots and Larkin are all well worth watching. 

As for the main card:

MVP is a better fighter than some give him credit for, but I still don't give a toss about him. The lesser Pitbull brother should have a fun scrap with the SBG dude. I actually want Rumble to beat the dude from Pitbull's camp. Only because he would face Nemkov next, and would be a good name to add to Vadim's record. The main event should be a lot of fun too. 

So yeah, even with the withdrawals, it's still a great card. 

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