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Bellator 243 - Chandler vs. Henderson II (7th August 2020)

Egg Shen

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Haha Mitrione the great big vat of dripping 😂 Doesn’t get much better than seeing that twat get battered. The fact it was a fat slug nobody like Timothy Johnson who beat him down makes it even funnier. 

I was never going to be that into Chandler vs Henderson 2 just because I find both very unlikeable. Unless it ended in a double KO I was never going to be completely satisfied. Chandler looked good though. Stopping Bendo doesn’t mean what it used to but it was still pretty impressive. And to be fair, nobody’s put Bendo away since Dos Anjos years ago in the UFC. Thought he’d been finished since then for some reason. Thought Bendo wasn’t looking bad early here actually, but he got tagged by a fresh Chandler and that was that.

Lots of talk about Chandler jumping to the UFC now. Of course, this was the last fight on his Bellator contract so there’s a good possibility of it. He’s been talking a lot this week and dropping names like Khabib, Gaethje and McGregor as guys he’d be excited to fight. I don’t see him doing especially well though. Still wouldn’t mind seeing him in the Octagon. There’s plenty of fun fights to make and it never hurts to throw another name into that stupidly crowded shark pool. But I think he’s best chances at UFC gold would’ve been a few years ago when he was at his best and he’d have been competing with Pettis, Alvarez and RDA. Today’s 155 division is tougher than ever and I don’t think Chandler is quite what he used to be. When Eddie Alvarez left the UFC my first thought was ‘at least now we might get Alvarez vs Chandler 3’. A UFC move now probably kills that off for good unfortunately.

Skimmed through the rest. Too much to get through between this and the Boxing on Sky. Caught the Homasi vs Millender fight. Disappointed. Don’t know what’s happened to Millender. He was really looking like he could be a future player at one point. Ever since Zaleski Dos Santos blew through him he’s looked iffy.

Didn’t see the Valerie Loureda fight but saw what I needed to see 😉

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On 8/8/2020 at 1:21 PM, jimufctna24 said:

Chandler could also follow Rory to PFL

be a shame if he did, Chandler still has  a couple of real solid years left and it'd be a shame to not see him mix it with some of that UFC top 10. He looked great Friday night. 

Meathead got a little unlucky with the headclash. Timothy Johnson looked like a bit of a beast on top though, those strikes were nasteh. Guy looked 10 years younger without the tash too.

Anyone catch Lencioni/Agazarm? not a great fight but it was nasty and there was a lot of bad blood there that didnt end once it finished. Something super unlikeable about Agazarm, he's an MMA heel for sure.

Valerie Loureda, yep.


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