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wwe buys evolve


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11 hours ago, Kfogg1991 said:

So the wwe now owns evolve and the entire back catalogue library.

With other indy promotions being in bed with wwe can you see them buying say progress to own their library too.

Pretty sure it’s been talked about before, but I think WWE already partialy own the Progress library as part of the working agreement they have and are able to shut the promotion down/take full control at a moments notice.

The working agreement that EVOLVE has with them is what’s kept them afloat for the last few years as EVOLVE apparently lost a lot of money from the Flosports/Floslam streaming platform that was around briefly. With this buyout I imagine it’ll be a way of getting a bunch of guys that they’re interested in under contract, but ultimately it’s one less promotion to worry about

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