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Taking a self-indulgent moment to acknowledge three posters this year that have gone above and beyond. 

First up @wandshogun09


He's won the award for best MMA poster every year since we've had the award. His writing is educational, funny and insightful. When he ventures outside of MMA he's just as good. Brilliant work. 

Next is @tiger_rick


Completely unasked for, Rick churns out the brilliant Rumble stats thread like clockwork. Not content with boring old wins and losses, it's packed with weights, heights, ages and all other stuff WWE probably doesn't record. One man and his SQL. Thanks Rick! 

And lastly @Keith Houchen


An all round talent to the forum, and his sheer amount of upvotes is testament to this. He's witty, interesting and compassionate at all the right times. The board would be a poorer place without him. 

Congrats all! 

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