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Upvotes 2019 - the stats


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As an appetiser before the awards wrap up, how were upvotes distributed last year? Our great and glorious leader has crunched the numbers. Here's how the upvotes flowed in 2019.

Top 10 Most Upvoted - these people received the most votes in 2019

Recipient Upvotes
Keith Houchen 5,489
Devon Malcolm 5,167
tiger_rick 5,148
IANdrewDiceClay 4,340
BomberPat 3,485
Supremo 2,600
PowerButchi 2,567
Chest Rockwell 2,526
PunkStep 2,511
SuperBacon 2,190

No surprise that Kool Keith had all the love!

Top 10 Most Upvotes - these people gave the most votes in 2019

Giver Votes
Carbomb 5,082
Keith Houchen 4,573
SuperBacon 3,997
BomberPat 3,956
Hannibal Scorch 3,528
gmoney 2,615
PunkStep 2,569
Onyx2 2,520
johnnyboy 2,480
HarmonicGenerator 2,300

BombCar is the most generous by some distance.

Top 10 Most Upvoted Comments - these comments gained the most upvotes in 2019

Recipient Title Link Total
Lion_of_the_Midlands I was not expecting that. What have I done now. https://ukff.com/topic/139467-i-was-not-expecting-that-what-have-i-done-now/?do=findComment&comment=3220281 74
Accident Prone New WWE "Executive Directors" https://ukff.com/topic/139909-new-wwe-executive-directors/?do=findComment&comment=3253799 54
chokeout They did a shoot angle on Corrie! https://ukff.com/topic/139997-they-did-a-shoot-angle-on-corrie/?do=findComment&comment=3259928 52
Joe Blog Minor news items that don't deserve a thread https://ukff.com/topic/128317-minor-news-items-that-dont-deserve-a-thread/?do=findComment&comment=3255912 46
CL Punk Ridiculous ways wrestling has worked itself into your everyday life https://ukff.com/topic/133932-ridiculous-ways-wrestling-has-worked-itself-into-your-everyday-life/?do=findComment&comment=3229679 45
IANdrewDiceClay Saudi Shitshow https://ukff.com/topic/139729-saudi-shitshow/?do=findComment&comment=3240665 44
HarmonicGenerator How did it end up like this (brit wres scene) https://ukff.com/topic/140003-how-did-it-end-up-like-this-brit-wres-scene/?do=findComment&comment=3260074 44
PunkStep The Wrestling Agency (looks like its the BWC with a different name) https://ukff.com/topic/139697-the-wrestling-agency-looks-like-its-the-bwc-with-a-different-name/?do=findComment&comment=3238507 43
Arch Stanton The Official UKFF RAW Thread... https://ukff.com/topic/133540-the-official-ukff-raw-thread/?do=findComment&comment=3273038 43
IANdrewDiceClay Random Thoughts III. https://ukff.com/topic/137806-random-thoughts-iii/?do=findComment&comment=3237959 41

Remember all these?

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