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UFC Prague: Blachowicz vs Santos - Feb 23 🇨🇿


Who wins and how?   

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Only just got round to this. Chuffed with that main event result. I was back and forth on it since it was announced but by fight week I’d convinced myself Blachowicz was probably winning. Thought Thiago Santos looked really good here. The KO is going to be the talking point for obvious reasons but I actually thought it was one of his best showings as an all-around performance as well. He was moving in and out well, used a couple of different techniques well that he isn’t particularly known for, and showed he can fight a more technical and patient style and doesn’t have to go berserker mode every time. Jones will still mop the canvas with him but that’s true of pretty much any man walking the planet. Liked this from Santos though. You could tell Blachowicz was expecting the non-stop aggression Santos who fought Jimi Manuwa and I think Santos switching things up might’ve frustrated Blachowicz into charging in like he did at the end there. 

Struve winning and getting a finish was nice to see. Nice moment post-fight too. I know he stopped short of actually 100% retiring but I hope he does decide to leave it there now. He’s had a rough career and taken a lot of damage for a young man. I’ve said it before but he’s basically a 7ft Joe Lauzon. It’s probably not getting better for him if he sticks around at this point and he seems to recognise that. This was about as good a sendoff as he could’ve asked for as well. Getting a finish in front of a European crowd and getting that moment after the fight. 

And I was really happy to see Petr Yan beat John Dodson. Shame he didn’t get a finish, that would’ve been a big statement, but I thought he looked great all the same, which is hard to do against Dodson. I like the Yan vs Sterling idea a lot. 

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1 hour ago, David said:

It's all went downhill for him since he grew his hair out. He looks ridiculous.

He looks like Papa Lazarou from League Of Gentlemen these days. 


Or Pennywise;


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