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UKFF NFL 2018 Predictions League


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johnnyboy 416 (85) [2]
FailedPromoter 412 (94) [4]
SpykeDudlei1 409 (60) [5]
squatswithducks 403 (65) [6]
MVP RULZ 403 (91) [6]
hbk4life 376 (45) [3]
Vegeta 371 (65) [3]
Adam619 145 (0) [3]
boytoy 9 ()

Congratulations to @johnnyboy who climbs up the table and claims the title in what turned out to be a very tight contest at the top with 13 points separating the top 5 and just a few yards here or there could of made the difference

Nobody came close to the Total yards as we all went way over but johnnyboy was the lowest of us all being just over 100 yards over so he gets the bonus points for that, he was also the only person to correctly Predict Julian Edelman as the MVP and those 2 things ultimately gave him the title in the end

@FailedPromotergets the bonus points for being closest to the first Touchdown although we were all WAYYYY off and he was actually the only person to correctly predict there would be no Touchdowns in the opening quarter those Bonus points enabled him to take home the Highest scorer of the round award (despite Higbee scoring nothing) and ends up falling just 4 short of the title and takes the silver medal for being Runner up

Leader going into the round @SpykeDudlei1 was the 2nd lowest scorer and as falls to 3rd but takes the bronze

Somewhat fitting given how closely matched we were all season with just the 1 point separating us at the top after the regular season me and @squatswithducks end Tied for 4th but his higher regular season finish ultimately breaks the tie and I end down in 5th

@hbk4life was the lowest scorer of the round as he was the only one to really back the Rams (would of been a masterstroke had they won though and probably would of won this title) and @Vegeta round out the standings for this years contest

So Thank You all for playing and hope to see you again in September and final Congratulations once again to johnnyboy who becomes a 2 time Champ I believe after his win in 2014

Below is the usual scoring so feel free to check everything out if you wish and see how everyone scored there points

Tom Brady: 262 Yards Passing, 1 Interception thrown, Sacked 1 Time  = 1 Point
Jared Goff: 229 yard Passing, 1 Interception thrown, Sacked 4 Times = -6 Points

Sony Michel: 94 Yards Rushing, 1 Touchdown Rushing = 15 Points
Todd Gurley: 35 Yards Rushing, -1 Yards Receiving = 3 Points
CJ Anderson: 22 Yards Rushing, 12 Yards Receiving = 3 Points

Brandin Cooks: 120 Yards Receiving = 12 Points
Robert Woods: 5 Yards Rushing, 70 Yards Receiving = 7 Points 

Rob Gronkowski: 87 Yards Receiving = 8 Points
Tyler Higbee: 0 Yards Receiving = 0 Points

Greg Zuerlein: 1/2 FG = 1 Point

Los Angeles Rams: 1 sack, 1  Interception =  4 Points
New England Patriots: 4 sacks, 1 Interception = 10 Points

- Pick the result - New England 13-3 Los Angeles

- Winning Margin - 10 Points

- 1st team to score any points - New England Patriots
- 1st team to score Touchdown - New England Patriots
- Player to score 1st Touchdown - Sony Michel
- Total Number of Touchdowns scored (both teams combined) - 1
- Total Number of Interceptions made (both teams combined) - 2
- Will the game go to Overtime (Yes/NO) - NO
- MVP - Julian Edelman (New England Patriots)
- Time and quarter of 1st Touchdown (ie 14.20 1st quarter) - 07.03 4th quarter
- Total Rushing yards - New England Patriots 154 yards Rushing, Los Angeles Rams 62 Yards Rushing 
- Total Passing Yards - New England Patriots 253 yards Passing, Los Angeles Rams 198 Yards Passing 
- Total net yards - New England Patriots 407 Yards, Los Angeles Rams 260 yards = 667 total Yards

Advantage at the end of each quarter
- 1st quarter - Tie
- 2nd quarter - Patriots
- 3rd quarter - Tie
- 4th quarter - Patriots


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