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  1. I can't lie, it's difficult to really give new starters a proper feel for what they're getting themselves into. I'll always ask if there's anyone new in class, and if so I've got like 20 seconds to give them a brief overview of what they're about to do, but it in no way really gives them a flavour of what they're about to do! I suppose with most group exercise classes is that fact that it's repetitive, so even if you are new and don't get it right the first time, in that track there will always be another opportunity to try again.
  2. That's awesome to hear! There's a basic fear amongst Les Mills instructors that virtual will result in them losing their jobs so to speak. However it's really the opposite, Virtual is designed to tap into new participants, make them comfortable with combat or whatever, so that they're more likely to go to a live class because there's less of a fear of the unknown if that makes sense
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