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  1. squatswithducks

    Lock up your daughters, Ricc1PW is on the prowl!

    You've not been back in today?! The longer you leave it, the worse it will be! Unless you've accepted you're moving on (to another sandwich shop)
  2. squatswithducks

    Lock up your daughters, Ricc1PW is on the prowl!

    @Ricc1PW Silly questions, but are you actually sure she's single?! Do you have much of a chat when you're in the shop?
  3. squatswithducks

    UKFF NFL 2018 Predictions League

    - QB: Tom Brady (New England Patriots) - RB: Todd Gurley (Los Angeles Rams) - WR: Brandin Cooks (Los Angeles Rams) - TE: Rob Gronkowski (New England Patriots) - K: Greg Zuerlein (Los Angeles Rams) - Defense/Special Teams: New England Patriots  - Pick the result - New England Patriots 31-21 Los Angeles Rams - Winning Margin - 8 Points - 1st team to score any points - New England Patriots - 1st team to score Touchdown - New England Patriots - Player to score 1st Touchdown - Rob Gronkowski - Total Number of Touchdowns scored (both teams combined) - 7 - Total Number of Interceptions made (both teams combined) - 3 - Will the game go to Overtime (Yes/NO) - NO - MVP - Tom Brady (New England Patriots) - Time and quarter of 1st Touchdown (ie 14.20 1st quarter) - 07.14 1st quarter - Total Rushing yards - New England Patriots 122 Yards - Total Passing Yards - Los Angeles Rams 247 Yards - Total net yards - 897 Yards Advantage at the end of each quarter - 1st quarter - Patriots - 2nd quarter - Patriots - 3rd quarter - Patriots - 4th quarter - Patriots
  4. squatswithducks

    UKFF NFL 2018 Predictions League

    QB: Patrick Mahomes (Kansas City Chiefs) RB: Sony Michel (New England Patriots) WR: Michael Thomas (New Orleans Saints) TE: Travis Kelce (Kansas City Chiefs) K: Stephen Gostkowski (New England Patriots) DST: Los Angeles Rams MOST YARDS: Kansas City Chiefs MOST POINTS: Kansas City Chiefs TOTAL NET YARDS: 1567 Yards AFC1: New England Patriots @ Kansas City Chiefs: Kansas City Chiefs NFC1: Los Angeles Rams @ New Orleans Saints: New Orleans Saints