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Name:Craig DavidsonWebsite:Comming soonType of videos:WWE,WCW,ECW,ROH,CZW,IWA MS,NWA ClassicsSlogan:Craigs vidz is your hook up hola if ya hear meApprox. delivery time:2-3 daysTrades Taken?: YesPayment Methods:Cash/Postal orderLatest Tapes/Offers-Buy any 5 tapes for

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Guest 4Horsemen4Life

Name: Clive GreenWebsite: http://hometown.aol.co.uk/dxgod69/myhomepage/business.htmlE-Mail - DXGOD69@aol.com Type of videos:WWE, WCW, ECW, NWA-TNA, ROH EtcSlogan: We Always DeliverApprox. delivery time: Order Sent Within 24 HoursTrades Taken?: YesPayment Methods: Cheque, Postal Order, Cash, PaypalLatest Tapes/Offers:RAW/SMACKDOWN/NITRO/THUNDER 2 Episodes

Edited by 4Horsemen4Life

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Guest Gabber

Name: PeterWebsite: All info, lists etc via email knowyourrole@wanadoo.nlType of videos: some 200+ puroresu DVD's. All from 2003 and getting a few dozen new ones every month directly from my Japanese friend.Slogan: Slogans are for kidsApprox. delivery time: FastTrades Taken?: Only if you got what I want (copies of TNA and UFC masters, vhs will do, dvd is better) Payment Methods: Cash, PaypalLatest Tapes/Offers: DVD's only 9 Euro.K-1 GP Osaka, Final Elimination 11-10-2003K-1 World Max 18-11-2003K-1 GP Finals, Tokio Dome 6-12-2003 (5 1/2 hours, 3 DVD set)Pride 9-11-2003 Final Conflict (4 hours, Japanese version, 2 DVD set)All Japan Women - Samurai 4-10-2003All Japan Women - Samurai 13-10-2003All Japan Women - Samurai 1-12-2003AJW Classics #29 & #30 - Samurai 18-10 & 25-10-2003AJW Classics #31 & #32 - Samurai 1-11 & 8-11-2003AJW Classics #33 & #34 - Samurai 15-11 & 22-11-2003AJW Classics #35 & #36 - Samurai 29-11 & 6-12-2003A-Z Major Girls Fighting - Samurai 21-9-2003 Mima Shimoda's retirement.A-Z Major Girls Fighting - Samurai 15-11-2003GAEA - G-Panic 10-10-2003GAEA - G-Panic 24-10-2003Brat Pack Match - Samurai 1-11-2003GAEA - G-Panic 14-11-2003Gaea - G-Panic 28-11-2003Gaea - G-Panic 12-12-2003Jd - Gaora 15-10-2003 Athress reloaded.Jd - Samurai 10-11-2003Jd - Gaora 21-11-2003Jd - Samurai 15-12-2003 Kawasaki New HorizonAll Japan - Samurai 5-10-2003 Fan Appreciation DayAll Japan - Gaora 4-10 & 11-10-2003All Japan - Gaora 19-10 & 25-10-2003All Japan - Gaora 1-11 & 8-11-2003All Japan - Gaora 22-11 & 29-11-2003All Japan - Samurai 23-11-2003 Real World Tag LeagueAll Japan - Samurai 6-12-2003 Real World Tag League FinalsAll Japan - Gaora 6-12 & 13-12-2003Big Japan - Samurai 6-10-2003 House death matchDDT - Samurai 12-10-2003 Ladder's Retirement Ceremony Fuyuki-Gun - Samurai 11-10-2003Fuyuki-Gun - Samurai 2-11-2003Kaientai - Gaora 12-10-2003Kaientai - Gaora 16-11-2003 Klub K-Super OutbreakKaientai - Gaora 13-12-2003Michinoku Pro Lucha - Gaora 28-10-2003 Sasuke v/s Onita Exploding Death Match Michinoku Pro Lucha - Gaora 23-11-2003 MPro Tag League 2003New Japan - Samurai 5-10-2003 Memorial Rainbow Dash 35New Japan - Samurai 19-10-2003 Road to Ultimate CrushNew Japan - SXW 13-10-2003New Japan - SXW 27-10-2003New Japan - Yokohama Dead Out ppv 3-11-2003New Japan - SXW 10-11-2003New Japan - Samurai 16-11-2003 Ultimate CrushNew Japan - Samurai 23-11-2003 Fukuoka Dream NightNew Japan - SXW 24-11-2003 G1 Tag League FinalsNew Japan - Samurai 30-11-2003 Catch the Legend in KobeNew Japan - Samurai 7-12-2003 Yokohama Dead OutNew Japan - Samurai 14-12-2003 Battle Final 2003New Japan - SXW 8-12-2003Toryumon - Gaora 11-11-2003 Rey de Parejas Tag LeagueToryumon - Gaora 16-11-2003 Toryumon - Gaora 21-11-2003 Rey de Parejas Tag League FinalsToryumon - Gaora 14-12-2003WMF - Samurai 24-11-2003Zero-One - Samurai 7-10-2003 H-Episode 1Zero-One - Samurai 22-11-2003 RefusionZero-One - Infinity ppv 14-12-2003

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Name: Richard LandWebsite: http://uk.geocities.com/wrestlinginfo2003/...deosanddvds.htmType of videos: WWF/WWE 1985-present.Approx. delivery time: FastPayment Methods: Cheque/Cashe-mail me at richardland1987@aol.com or add landy1987@hotmail.com to your MSN Messenger and tell me what you want and we can agree on a price!UPDATE (sorry added in wrong thread earlier):WWF/WWE Tapes for sale

Edited by landy1987

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Name: Tom & JoelWebsite: http://www.turnbuckletapes.tkType of videos: RoH, cZw, ECW, IWA-MS, NOAH, AJPW, NJPW, IWA:Japan, ECWA, MLW, MAW,ShootsSlogan: Quality only where Due! Thats Turnbuckle TapesApprox. delivery time: 2-4DaysTrades Taken?: YesPayment Methods: Cash, Cheque, Postal OrderLatest Tapes/Offers: Site Only opened Today(31/1/03)

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Name: Rich

Website: http://www.rkvideos.moonfruit.com

Type of videos: CZW, IWA-MS, ROH, WWE, ECW. Not much in at the mo.


Approx. delivery time: 2-3Days

Trades Taken?: Yes

Payment Methods: Cash, Cheque, Postal Order, Nochex! Will be taking PayPal soon

Latest Tapes/Offers: Buy 5 vids get one free, 10 vids 2 free, 15 vids 3 free and so on. Recommend a friend and recieve a free tape of your choosing.

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Guest kenshiro

Hii am Kenshiro from Austria and i am interested in trading Wrestling DVDs or VCDsi got these things on DVD:1. 3PW This one is for you us. 1DVD with Sabu, X-Pac, CM-Punk,K.Sullivan,Adullah Butcher 2. AAA Extreme Lucha Libre 1996.01.18 in Tijuana Mexico sp. 1DVD Houseshow 3. AAA Extreme Lucha Libre 1996.01.20 sp. 1DVD Houseshow 4. AAA Extreme Lucha Libre Best of Tijuana sp. 1DVD Houseshow 5. ACW Wrestlings Wildest Matches us. 1DVD Unusal Matches (Rattlesnake Match, Electrefed Fence) 6. AJPW Love and Bump PPV 2004.10.31 jp. 2DVD 7. AJPW Summer Impact 2004.08.28 jp. 1DVD 8. AJPW Unchained World Part 1 2005.01.08 jp. 1DVD 9. AJPW Unchained World Part 2 2005.01.08 jp. 1DVD 10. AWA Blood on the Sand 1989 us. 1DVD 11. AWA Interviews + Verne Gagne Special us. 1DVD with Hogan, J.Ventura, Wanz, Bockwinkel, Graham 12. AWA Wrestle Rock 1986.04.20 Minneapolis/MN us. 2DVD 13. Barnett

Edited by kenshiro

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Name: James SuttonEmail: jim_sut@hotmail.comType of videos: WWF/WWE PPVs/TV 1985-present (+ WCW, ECW, TNA).Payment Methods: Cheque/CashWWF TV 1980

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Name: Gary's F'N Tape Trading Site

Website: www.dtsw02822.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/wrasslin/

Type of videos: Mostly ECW, some Japanese, WWE and random Indies

Slogan: Lying to your wife is no fun once the trust goes out of a Relationship

Approx. delivery time: sent out as soon as I receive yours

Trades Taken?: Yes

Payment Methods:Swaps only

Edited by gary v1

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Guest bacon111

Name: The Mayhem Videos

Website: www.geocities.com/themayhemvideos

Type of videos: ROH,TNA,Xpw,ECW,Japan,Lucha And More

Slogan: just buy the damn tapes

Trades Taken?: Yes

Payment Methods:Paypal, Cash and postal order


new tapes




Beating The odds

Death Before Dishonor

Final Battle 2003

Wrestlerave 2003

Glory By Honor

Main Event Spectacles




Baptized in Blood 3




Tna Shows 1 & 2 NEW

Tna Shows 61 & 62


Jeff Hardy Shoot


AAA and more

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Name: Mush'a Tapes

Website: mushtapes.tk or geocities.com/mushtapes

Type of videos: WWE, WCW, ECW, NWA-TNA, ROH, MLW and more


Approx. delivery time: a few days

Trades Taken?: Yes

Payment Methods: PayPal

Latest Tapes/Offers:


WWE Mick Foley's Greatest Hits & Misses(2 Tapes)

WWF In Your House 16: Candian Stampede

WWF Summerslam 1995

WCW Great American Bash 1998

NWA:TNA Shows 85 & 86

ECW Massacre on 34th Street

ECW It Ain't Seinfeld

ECW Buffalo Invasion

ECW A Matter of Respect 1996

ECW The Doctor is in 1996

ECW Hostile City Showdown 1995

3PW A Funkin' Classic

WWF Greatest Steel Cage Matches (Late 80's/Early 90's)

WWF Greatest Hits

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Guest SKSiC

Name: SKSiC's Wrestling

Website: http://hatesomethingbeautiful.com/hosted_log/Wrestling.htm

Type of videos: WWE/WCW/ECW/TNA/CZW/FWA and more..

Slogan: -

Approx. delivery time: in the uk next day :)

Trades Taken?: Yes please :D

Payment Methods: cash/postal order

Latest Tapes/Offers: I get everythig quickly, so weekly tna.. wwe shows etc.


Ok if you want to trade VCDs please email :) Cause I dont have a 2nd vhs right now so I cant trade tapes yet. I am willing to trade my vcds for your tapes.

I'm also willing to trade via FTP.


Check the "Not Needed" Tab for offers..


I have ref's if needed.. :)


So, please look at the format tab and only select vcd/svcd..


BTW, this is stuff on my hdd I have not burned yet and are avalible..










Judgment Day 2004



**Looking For**

3PW Stuff, WWE I don't have, ecw i dont have, wcw i dont have.


RAWs from 97/98/99 - on tape or vcd.

Edited by SKSiC

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OK, just decided earlier today that I should get back into tape trading... I was fairly well known a few years back until, basically, I couldn't be arsed with it anymore. But I'm back now and hoping to expand my collection further. I'm not selling anything at the moment, just trading.


Name: Rory Hughes/Chairshot Video

Website: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/chairshot

Type of videos: Wrestling of all kinds!

Slogan: None.

Approx. delivery time: Couple of days.

Trades Taken?: Yes!!!!!

Latest Tapes/Offers: Raven Shoots, Jeff Hardy Shoot, ROH Death Before Dishonour and some IWA Mid South... But I have quite a large collection of older stuff.


Note: I am looking out for alot of WCW stuff, PPVs and Nitros from 95 - it's demise!

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Guest sharkboyisgod

Name : Shark Boy Is GodWebsite-Non, PM MeType Of Video-Tna, Roh, Czw, Wwe WWF, WCW, ECWApprox Delivery Time:Couple Of daysTrades Taken : AlwaysOffere:Whole Bunch Of Roh/Czw videos coming in soon, PM ME!

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