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Jim 'The Anvil' Neidhart stories of shame: share yours


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someone must have some stories of his few appearances for Hammerlock back in the early 00's??



Oh yes - I've heard of one. I wasn't there so this is a second hand story. On the very first tour Neidhart did with Hammerlock, which I think was around 96, he was staying in a hotel and came crashing down to the reception where promoter Andre Baker was with a few other wrestlers. Neidhart was going batshit crazy, shouting and swearing so Baker asked him what was wrong. Neidhart replied that all the chaos he was causing was due to him having a blown lightbulb in his room. Baker replied "well don't say it too loud or everyone will want one" this set Neidhart off even more and he went upstairs and smashed his room up.


I believe it was also on this tour that he was trying to flog a chewed up, broken old LJN wrestling figure of himself on his merchandise stand. Any old tat to get his next fix. 

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The line about the "don't say it too loud or everyone will want one" was 100% true. The rest though is fantasy, I'm afraid. He wasn't going batshit crazy, he just mentioned it calmly to Andre, and then he pissed himself laughing when Andre came out with the line. By the time we dropped him back at his hotel after the first show, there was a new light in the (not smashed up) room.


He wasn't selling any old wrestling figures as far as I remember but he did sell his old New Foundation ring jacket to Colin McKay who later, erm, found infamy himself <cough> for quite a hefty price.

And it was late 90s not early 00s. 1996 and 1997/1998 I think.

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