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I don't know... They seem a bit overexposed.

Futureshock should book Damon Leigh, Thomas Wolfe and Big Joe. Sound of the summer.

The entire Uproar 103 event has been made available for free as an early Christmas present. Watch in it's entirety right here. Here's the trailer. Main event is a sly MOTY candidate.

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Bailey beat ddl

Drake beat bubblegum

Wonderland beat hope, mcgregor and price.

Mark massa beat charlie garrett in the biggest shock ever. Massa never wins

Gibson beat ashton smith in match of the night

T bone returned to beat xander cooper for the title.


If you want hot crowds tonight was it. Really good show

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An incredible show on Sunday night, every match delivered and the end of the night nearly took the roof off.

The returning Sam Bailey pinned Deadly Damon Lee with a schoolboy pin after DDL accidentally sprayed his manager Chris Egan in the eyes with his can of Brut.

Wonderland, the team of Henry T. Grodd, Noah and Penny Dreadful defeated 'Gentleman' John McGregor, Danny Hope and Melanie Price in a six person match. Grodd all but murdered McGregor with a spear after Noah and Hope fought to the back and Penny blinded Mel with her red mist.

Zack Gibson defeated Ashton Smith in an incredible bout by submission with the Shankley Gates. The crowd was all over Gibson after his submission loss to Jack Gallagher at the 11th Anniversary show. They chanted 'You tapped out!' at him throughout as well as chanting for him to tap whenever Smith put him in any sort of hold.

Mark Massa pinned Charlie Garrett in a clash of two athletic big men to score his first big win in Futureshock in a long time.

James Drake successfully retained the Futureshock Adrenaline Championship against Bubblegum after a low blow and his impaler DDT. Former champion Soner Durson was a guest on commentary and stopped Drake from attacking 'Gum with the title after the bell.

Xander Cooper led The Uprising to the ring and threw a retirement party for Dave Rayne. Balloons, party hats, even a cake... They invited all the heels of Futureshock to the ring to join the festivities. Full of confidence Cooper ran through the list of challengers he'd defeated in the past year and offered an open challenge for his title. Dave Rayne's music hit but this turned out to be a joke by The Uprising and they all but killed themselves laughing when he didn't emerge. Joke was on them. Rayne appeared on the video screens and confirmed that he couldn't be there due to the retirement stipulation. He then revealed that he'd called in a few favours. One involved all the babyfaces of Futureshock coming out to clear the ring. The second involved the return of T-Bone!

T-Bone answered Cooper's open challenge and pinned Xander Cooper in rapid fashion with a superkick, dragon suplex and elevated DDT combination to become the 13th Futureshock champion. The Futureshock Faithful absolutely erupted at this to close the show and start the company's twelfth year on an absolute high.



The show will be available on DVD and via Futureshock's On Demand service from their website and is well worth checking out, especially if you're new to the product.

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Safe to say that Zack Gibson hasn't been in the best mood of late. Can't imagine that his disposition will be improved in any way, shape or form by the announcement of his debut match for Futureshock SLAM in Warrington. Liverpool's Number One goes one on one with the charismatic, athletic and incredibly popular Charlie Garrett. Gibson wants to be a three time Futureshock Champion and is keen to make an example of his opponent. No doubt Garrett would be more than happy to further upset the former two-time champion and continue to cement his legacy.


Futureshock Slam, Sunday 4th October at The Rylands Centre in Warrington. Tickets available now from the Futureshock website.

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The main event for Futureshock Slam in Warrington this Sunday has been announced. A true heavyweight clash as the new Futureshock champion T-Bone squares off against Deadly Damon Lee in a non-title match.


The latest episode of Futureshock Access is now online All the results from Futureshock Uproar in September, highlights from the night's action
and a few words from our new champion as well as the former champion.

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One week tonight sees Futureshock Wrestling return to The Longfield Suite in Prestwich for the first time since their 11th Anniversary show. So far the following matches have been announced... A postponed bout from Futureshock Uproar, a singles encounter liable to steal the show  and a huge rematch for the Futureshock championship.






More will more than likely be announced this coming week and it's already shaping up to be a jam packed show. Tickets are available now via Futureshock's website and they're selling fast. 

Last Sunday's Slam from Warrington is now uploaded and available from Futureshock's Video On Demand service. An incredibly quick turn around and a chance to see matches like T-Bone V Damon Leigh, James Drake V Sexy Kev and Toni Storm V Chardonnay instantly in the comfort of your own home. This is in addition to the huge 11th Anniversary show, the night at Uproar that saw T-Bone crowned as champion and every other show of 2015 with the back catalogue being updated constantly.

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