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Courtesy of Marc Pearson/WrestleRopes


‘The Gentleman’ John McGregor defeated ‘The Man For All Seasons’ Xander Cooper by Pinfall.

Marc Massa defeated Ashton Smith by Pinfall.

‘Liverpool’s No.1’ Zack Gibson defeated Jensen Blake by Submission.

Soner Dursun & Sam Bailey defeated Don Meacho & Ryan Hendricks by Pinfall.

T-Bone defeated ‘Toxic Terror’ Cyanide by Disqualification.

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I don't know... They seem a bit overexposed.

Futureshock should book Damon Leigh, Thomas Wolfe and Big Joe. Sound of the summer.

The entire Uproar 103 event has been made available for free as an early Christmas present. Watch in it's entirety right here. Here's the trailer. Main event is a sly MOTY candidate.

  • 3 weeks later...
  • 3 weeks later...

The latest episode of Futureshock Access is now available for your viewing pleasure. All the results from FutureShock Underground on April 23rd including Zack Gibson's open challenge, Ashton Smith V Cyanide, Soner Durson & Sam Bailey V Wonderland and a wild street fight main event title match between T-Bone & Mark Massa and so much more. Who walked out as FutureShock champion? Find out right here.



















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On the off chance that you've been residing underneath a fair sized chunk of granite this past week... Two time former FutureShock champion The Extraordinary Jack Gallagher qualified for the highly anticipated WWE World Cruiserweight Series with a hard fought win over 'Bruiserweight' Pete Dunne last Sunday. Highlights of the, ahem, extraordinary bout can be found on WWE's official YouTube channel

Futureshock management have confirmed that the man referred to by WWE as a 'mat wizard' will be in action at the Masonic Guildhall in Stockport on Sunday 22nd May for Uproar. Could this be his farewell match? Who will his opponent be? What will he have to say?


Tickets are available now from the Futureshock Website and this is one show you won't want to miss. Jack Gallagher in action, an Adrenaline title defence and all the aftermath from the insane main event at Underground in April. All our past shows are available from Futureshock On Demand including the huge 11th Anniversary Show from last August.

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FutureShock Training School Open Day

Saturday 21st May - Failsworth, Manchester

With FutureShock head trainer Xander Cooper and WWE Global Cruiserweight Series entrant The Extraordinary Jack Gallagher.




A perfect opportunity for anyone that's keen to try their hand inside the ring but isn't sure where to start. An introductory session that's perfect for all levels of ability and experience under the watchful eyes of Xander Cooper and Jack Gallagher, both former FutureShock champions and graduates of the school themselves.

Xander Cooper, a veteran wrestler on the UK scene, is widely regarded as one of the most intuitive and skillful teachers of professional wrestling in the country. With an excellent eye for detail and a commitment to helping develop the 'whole wrestler' Xander is adept at bringing the absolute best out of his students. 

Jack Gallagher, having recently qualified for the WWE Global Cruiserweight Series in June, is widely regarded as one of the finest wrestlers on the planet and any opportunity to learn from him is not to be wasted. We might not have him to hand for much longer.

The cost for the session is £15 and this will include access to all of the following week's training sessions at the FutureShock school for no extra charge. 

All the information can be found at the Facebook event here.


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The challenge of a lifetime...

FutureShock Management gave James Drake, the reigning and defending Adrenaline Champion until May 1st to respond to their messages concerning his title. He responded with this video


Be careful what you ask for Mr Drake.



Will Jack Gallagher take the Adrenaline title with him to Orlando for WWE's Cruiserweight Classic? Will James Drake put a dent in his opponent's win loss record before he boards the place? The only way to know is by being there. Tickets available now from the FutureShock website.

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Results from last night's Futureshock Uproar 88 at the Masonic Guildhall in Stockport.

 "Coach" Sam Bailey defeated "The Man For All Seasons" Xander Cooper by pinning him with a 'Master-Ball' inside cradle. Cooper, clearly incensed at the loss, went on a tirade against the Futureshock Faithful afterwards.


FutureShock women's champion Lana Austin defeated Violet Vendetta in a non-title match with her patented LDDT. In a shock return, former champion April Davids stormed the ring and attacked Austin, choking her unconscious with a dragon sleeper hold. In the ultimate display of disrespect she then SPAT on the FutureShock women's title and left through the crowd.


Soner Durson overcame both Ashton Smith and newcomer 'Smashmouth' Chris Ridgeway in an action packed Adrenaline division triple threat match. Durson took advantage of an Ashton smith superplex to deliver a frog splash on Ridgeway for the win.


Futureshock Wrestling Academy's latest graduate and newest roster member Jensen Blake faced his toughest challenge to date in the immense form of Cyanide. Sadly for Blake this wasn't to be his first victory as the Toxic Terror hit Sparkling Cyanide choke bomb. To add insult (And injury..) to injury he then strucka huge splash after the bell.


Newly crowned FutureShock champion Zack Gibson emerged for a championship ceremony where he would be officially presented with the title. Never at a loss for words, he tore into the Futureshock Faithful verbally to a volley of jeers. Liverpool's Number One then demanded that Damien Smith of FutureShock management place the belt around his waist.


T-Bone, the man that Gibson wrenched the title away from at Underground 17, stormed the ring looking to get his hands on the new champ. Gibson backed out, claiming that he had no interest in facing T-Bone again and insulted the tattooed terror to the point that he planted a member of FutureShock staff with a tombstone. "That's for you!", he shouted at Gibson.


Wonderland, the team of Noah and Henry T. Grodd defeated Sexy Kev and John McGregor, The Sexy Gentlemen after Grodd struck McGregor with one of the stolen FutureShock tag team title belts.


In the main event The Extraordinary Jack Gallagher challenged Adrenaline Champion James Drake. This was to be Gallagher's last Futureshock bout before he left for WWE's Cruiserweight Classic in June. After an incredible back and forth match Gallagher was attacked at ringside by an irate Xander Cooper, intent on preventing him from becoming the first FutureShock Grand Slam Champion. When this failed Cooper then attacked Drake in full view of the ref, thus ensuring that he would retain his title via disqualification.


Afterwards Gallagher said that he still had one more FutureShock match in him before he left and challenged Cooper to go one on one with him at Underground 17 in Prestwich on June 17th.

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Announced tonight for FutureShock Underground 17 at The Longfield Suite in Prestwich on Friday 17th June...


Zack Gibson cashes in his Futureshock Tournament Trophy at Underground 16 on a beaten, bruised but unbowed T-Bone. Zack Gibson relieves T-Bone of his FutureShock Championship after striking him with his own tombstone piledriver.


Zack Gibson emerges at Uproar 88 demanding that he is presented with the title in a manner befitting the first three time champion. Zack Gibson's moment is interrupted by a vengeful T-Bone, eager to get his hands on the man that attacked him from behind. Zack Gibson leaves but not before telling T-Bone that he has no interest in facing him for the title.


FutureShock management is in the process of negotiating the first title defence for Liverpool's Number One. In the meantime, however, it's probably best for all concerned to allow everyone involved let off some steam. Therefore at Futureshock Underground 17 on June 17th T-Bone and Zack Gibson will collide in a tag team match whereby each man can choose his own partner. The only condition is that they must have competed in a FutureShock ring before. 



Jack Gallagher was firmly in control of James Drake at Uproar 88. There was a very real chance that he would relieve the former Blackpool Blond of the FutureShock Adrenaline Championship. A very real chance that he would become the first FutureShock Grand Slam winner, having held every accolade and title the company has to offer.


Xander Cooper was having none of it. First attacking The Extraordinary One at ringside and then assaulting the Adrenaline Champion in full view of the referee, thus helping him retain via disqualification. Already full of bile and venom after an embarrassing loss earlier, The Man For All Seasons was on the warpath. Maybe he just wanted to cause trouble. Maybe he wanted to spite the FutureShock faithful. Maybe he'd rather see the honour of becoming the first Grand Slam winner go to someone else...


In any case Jack Gallagher was not due to compete in a FutureShock ring again until after his trip the the US for the WWE Cruiserweight Classic in June. After Xander Cooper's actions... Well, let's just say he found a space in his diary.

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