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Not long announced for Futureshock Underground this coming Saturday. Wonderland have been on something of a tear as of late with both Henry T. Grodd and Noah showing a focused and determined side since the emergence of their malicious muse Penny Dreadful. The Adrenaline division dream team of former champion Soner Durson and top contender Ashton Smith have a chance to step up and put a premature end to the era of eerie. 



Tickets on sale now from the Futureshock website. A sell out is looking highly likely so get your tickets ASAP.

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I don't know... They seem a bit overexposed.

Futureshock should book Damon Leigh, Thomas Wolfe and Big Joe. Sound of the summer.

The entire Uproar 103 event has been made available for free as an early Christmas present. Watch in it's entirety right here. Here's the trailer. Main event is a sly MOTY candidate.

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So trophy tournament this sunday at stockport. Think from the first round matches it is looking like a Zack gibson vs Jack Gallagher final with gibson getting the shot anytime vs t-bone.


But futureshock has been a great show over the past year with their shows, so you just never know. Even Mark Massa is winning now.

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2016 dates are out:


Sun 17 Jan: Stockport

Sat 13 Feb: Prestwich

Sun 13 Mar: Stockport

Sat 9 Apr: Prestwich

Sun 22 May: Stockport

Fri 17 Jun: Prestwich

Sun 17 Jul: Stockport

Sat 18 Aug: Prestwich (Anniversary Show)

Sun 18 Sep: Stockport

Sat 15 Oct: Prestwich

Sun 13 Nov: Stockport

Sat 10 Dec: Prestwich


First thing I'm DELIGHTED to note is that every single one of those Prestwich 'Underground' dates makes an awesome-looking weekender with PROGRESS' Manchester dates at The Ritz (though June has a day between, due to the apparent odd Friday date).


Carnage. Messy carnage.


Just need GPW's dates now...

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It's the final show of the yearfor Futureshock this coming Sunday and what a finale it's going to be. 


Futureshock Underground 14 will be dominated by the semi-finals and finals of the 2015 Trophy Tournament. Four men remain in contention for a prize that could catapult them on to championship glory in the new year. Previous winners include the likes of T-Bone, Xander Cooper, Cyanide and Jack Gallagher, all of whom have gone on to become Futureshock champion within the next twelve months.




In the first semi-final former tournament victor and two time champion The Extraordinary Jack Gallagher takes on the inaugural Futureshock Adrenaline Champion Soner Durson. Guaranteed to be a thrilling bout between one of the company's stalwarts and one of it's rising stars.



The second semi-final is an interesting proposal. Zack Gibson is on a quest to rebuild his reputation after tapping out at the 11th Anniversary Show. Mark Massa is determined to show that his recent winning ways are anything but a fluke, to the point that his attack on Mikey Whiplash changed the face of the entire tournament. 




Ashton Smith came within a whisker of becoming the second Futureshock Adrenaline Champion at the 11th Anniversary show. In the end it was the somewhat devious tactics of James Drake that saw the man from the mean streets of Rock City, Blackpool claim the gold. At Underground 14 these two men will go one on one in a clash of styles and personalities that's sure to add even more prestige to Futureshock's Adrenaline division.



Two of the most popular wrestlers in Futureshock will square off coming Saturday. Australia's Toni Storm challenges Manchester's Lana Austin for the Futureshock Women's Championship, a championship that's rapidly become one of the most sought after titles in the country. Two dynamic, charismatic competitors at the top of their games. Who will the Futureshock Faithful rally behind?

In addition the Futureshock Tag Team Championship combination of The Models, 'Hot Stuff' Joey Hayes and 'Delicious' Danny Hope will be in action as Hayes returns from the injury that's kept him on the shelf these past two months. No doubt they'll be less than content to just sit and watch at one of the biggest shows of the year.

Tickets for Underground 14 at the Longfield Suite in Prestwich are available right now from the Futureshock website. You can also get DVDs of previous shows, tee shirts and the all new 2106 Futureshock calendar. In addition you'll find all the details for Futureshock On Demand, the online service that gives you first look at all of their events as well as access to a growing back catalogue.

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Futureshock Wrestling's year kicked off in no uncertain terms on January 17th at the Stockport Masonic Guildhall. A red hot crowd bore witness to an incredible tag-team main event, a brutal women's title match, a hard fought tag team title defence and so much more.

Manchester's home grown wrestling company returns to the Longfield Suite in Prestwich on Saturday February 13th with titles on the line and more than a few personal issues that need to be settled.



In the main event T-Bone defends his Futureshock Championship against Mark Massa, a match with more than a little hostility bubbling under the surface. The resourceful Massa came up short in the 2015 Trophy Tournament but made sure to hold the champ's attention with a brutal assault at the close of the night. Bone has wanted to get his hands on Massa ever since but the cost of payback will be a shot at his gold. 

Will the champion retain or will the challenger's new found mean streak and focus translate into the biggest win of his career?



Any fans of British wrestling will already be excited at the prospect of this match up. Mikey Whiplash, one of the very best that the business has to offer, verses Zack Gibson, currently in arguably the finest form of his life. These two masters of the mat game came face to face in the tag team main event of Futureshock Uproar in January. Gibson, the Futureshock Trophy holder, clearly wants to send a message to T-Bone by knocking off his friend and colleague. Whiplash would no doubt lover a chance to silence Liverpool's Number One and move himself into contention for a title match of his own. 

Two men at the top of their game fighting for pride. This match will be everything that's good about professional wrestling.

With more matches to be announced this will be a tremendous night out for all the family.

Futureshock Underground takes place on Saturday 13th February at The Longfield Suite in Prestwich. Tickets are available right now from the Futureshock Website.

All of 2015's shows are now available for viewing online via Futureshock's On Demand service. Purchase individual shows or subscribe for new content every month. Last year's shows include the huge 11th Anniversary show, Lotto Thunder, the 2015 Trophy Tournament, the inception of the Adrenaline division and so much more. Find out more at the Futureshock on demand site. Futureshock Uproar 85 is now available featuring Mikey Whiplash & T-Bone V Mark Massa 7 Zack Gibson, Lana Austin V Bete Noire for the Women's Championship. James Drake V 'Gentleman' John McGregor for the Adrenaline championship, The Models defending their tag titles against The Fallen, the return of Cyanide and so much more.

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Went to the Futureshock show on Saturday night.  Really enjoyed it.  Gonna make an effort to make it out to the Underground shows in Prestwich now I know where it is.  As someone else has said, can make a good weekend of it with PROGRESS shows too.

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Quick results from last Saturday's show at The Longfield Suite in Prestwich.

Ashton Smith pinned Chris Silvio

'Deadly' Damon Leigh & Cyanide (W/Chris Egan) defeated Soner Durson & Coach Sam Bailey


'Liverpool's Number One' Zack Gibson defeated Mikey Whiplash by submission

Futureshock Tag Team Champions The Models & Women's Champion Lana Austin defeated Glen Dunbar, Christopher Saynt & Bete Noire.

Xander Cooper pinned Sexy Kev.

Futureshock Champion T-Bone successfully defended his title against Mark Massa by disqualification after Massa attacked him with a pipe. After the decision Zack Gibson teased that he would cash in his Trophy Tournament title shot but thought better of it. T-Bone then challenged Massa to a street fight.

The next Futureshock show will be on Sunday 13th March at the Stockport Masonic Guildhall.

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What the hell is happening in Manchester on Saturday 9 April which means virtually every reasonably-priced hotel is completely booked up? I see Muse, Riverdance and "The Wolfmother" are all playing various locations, but there's got to be something else.


Hoping to make it to Prestwich for the weekender with PROGRESS again, which was massive fun last time, but unless we end up staying in Bolton or Oldham or somewhere it might not be possible...

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Was gonna try and go to today's show, but had too much to do before I'd have had to set off, so had to give it a miss.


However, purchased tickets for the next Uproar show today, and I will be doing the FutureShock / PROGRESS weekend in April  :thumbsup:

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