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The UKFF's Greatest Song thread.

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Can we just pick a volume of Now That's What I Call Music and be done with it?

Now 32. Few songs on there that arent absolutely belting. Name me another album where you get U2, Jimmy Nail and The Outhere Brothers on the same album.


That was the golden era of compilation albums. I had Now 29, 30 and 32. All classics in their own right. Tape 1 of Now 29 was phenomenal. Sold over 1.5 million copies! Well, and tape 2 as well, though that was a bit of a comedown.

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Well this thread could be considered dead.


Shame as it's something that may have potential.


I'm more than happy to do something similar if there's enough interest in it.


Maybe a best song of the 60's and so on until we have a winner from each decade then put them in to battle against each other to decide the Official UKFF Best Song Ever.

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