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The PROGRESS Wrestling Thread

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If i'm not mistaken the tickets for ENDVR7 at the start of November will go on sale tomorrow with an early discount for people purchasing in advance.


Would really recommend the ENDVR shows: The last 2 shows i've attended have had some really good matches and the Sunday lunches at the Bedford are excellent.

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Jim Smallman and Glen Joseph make the very, very serious draw for the semi-finals of the 2nd Natural Progression Series. 
Glen edited this video and is off his tits on painkillers, so please excuse any typos! 
The first semi-final match will take place at Chapter 15 on 28th September which is SOLD OUT; the second semi-final match will take place at Chapter 16 on 30th November for which there are approximately 35 tickets left.


VIDEO: http://youtu.be/4HHU1ycgV5g


Therefore, confirmed for this Sunday: 



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I attended my first British wrestling show in 1994. I've been travelling to shows around the country virtually every month since 2002. I've lived through the FWA, 1PW, glory days of IPW:UK and the 'supershow' era, and attend PCW every month. I always go to TXW, GPW and PROGRESS, as well as FutureShock and others when I can...


The 8-man tag PROGRESS main event tonight was THE BEST all-British match I have EVER seen live.


More thoughts to come...





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Another mind blowing show from PROGRESS. Consistently the best wrestling shows in the country. Morgan Webster/Pete Dunne, ZSJ/Scurll/Rampage and of course the main event were just incredible, and the promo work from Stixx and RJ Singh to set up a high stakes match from a standing start was some of the best talking I've seen in BritWres.


Only FIVE tickets left for November now, you should get one!


Already set for Chapter 16:


PROGRESS Championship: Havoc vs Mastiff vs Rampage 

Career vs Career: Singh vs Stixx

Tag Team Titles: Mark Andrews and Eddie Dennis vs Sha Samuels and Mark Haskins

Natural Progression semi-final: Ali Armstrong vs Zack Gibson 

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Chapter 16: Very Very Very Breaky Breaky Breaky Bishi Bishiiiii is now SOLD OUT. 

A waiting/upgrade list is running at http://tinyurl.com/Ch16WaitingList


Pre-orders are now open for Chapter 15. Here are the order links: 
On 2-Disc DVD (est despatch 31st Oct) - http://tinyurl.com/Chapter15DVD 

On 1080p/HD download (est delivery 13th-31st Oct) - http://tinyurl.com/Chapter15DL

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The show was pretty darn great, It was my fifth Progress show and I am falling more and more in love with the company. It is just a very intimate vibe and atmosphere.

For the first time since following the FWA 10/11 years back I have the feeling of wanting to attend every show possible.


Still not sure of the hours waiting around before though.


The main event was simply incredible, a mixture of fantastic talent, a great storyline and some incredible crazy shit makes it one of my favourite matches of the year and possibly all time at a live event.

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Long time no update. 


Briefly - 


- Chapter 16: Very Very Very Breaky Breaky Breaky Bishi Bishiiiii! is sold out. Waiting list at tinyurl.com/Ch16WaitingList.


- Chapter 17: Harder Better Faster Stronger sold out in 24 hours. Waiting list will be opened in December. 


- ENDVR:8 at The Garage in Islington is on sale now, tickets are only £8. Already announced is Ali Armstrong vs The Omega one final time in a hardcore match. 


Will update more with graphics etc soon.

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