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  1. It's a 4 way match featuring wrestlers who aren't competing in the tournament that night. Usually they have one half of the first and second round matches on the Friday and the other half of the first and second round matches on the Saturday.
  2. Mercure is all right as is B&B, Haas Union, TRYP and NH
  3. Might be a bit different on the Saturday night this year as there is an after party elsewhere in Oberhausen that sold out in about 20 minutes when tickets went on sale.
  4. Yes they usually are, Zack and Sha were hovering around the SPLX table before and after the shows. Marty also was around.
  5. They do an early bird ticket for the 3 days (minus ambtion) through the website either by Paypal or Bank Transfer. Usually you can buy tickets on the night.
  6. Can take an age to get from Weeze to Oberhausen if you don't drive...Dusseldorf international is much easier. The Centro area has a load of bars and restaurants that run along the side of the largest shopping centre in Central Europe.
  7. Looking forward to this...will be my Stag Weekend too and bringing a few fellas who've never been to a Wrestling event before. Last years 16 Carat and 16 Carat Tag Tournament in Oberhausen were awesome. Also managed to snag one of the 70 after party tickets that went in 4 minutes too!
  8. Went to the show at the London Cockpit at the weekend. Really intimate venue which reminded me of the Civic Hall at Broxbourne. The highlights for me were: Rev Pro pushing new talent. One of my concerns last year with the promotion was that it didn't feel like Rev Pro were pushing their own guys but with Jake Mccluskey, Josh Bodom, Flyin Ryan, James Castle and Gideon Grey getting showcased for the second consecutive week it seems like they've addressed this issue. Seeing Big Damo make his Rev Pro Debut. I always thought if we saw him wrestling in London away from ICW it would be in Progress not Rev Pro Jimmy Havoc winning the 6 man scramble opener setting up a title match with Will Osperay Seeing Progress team mates Mark Haskins and Sha Samuels clash with a suprising finish. Will Osperay showing again why he is one of the hottest talents in the UK by wrestling a very solid main event with Rocky Romero. Only negative was no Sumerian Death Squad, as I was really looking forward to seeing them take on 2 unlimited
  9. Entrant number 16. king Ricochet
  10. Got my tickets and hotel booked for Wolverhampton. Have also got my ticket booked for London
  11. Entrant number 15. Zack Sabre Jr
  12. Poor booking in the rumble in lots of ways What was the point of Curtis Axel, Titus O'Neil, Sin Cara & Zack Ryder being in the match Does anyone really give two hoots about the boogeyman With the exception of Mizdow, the crowd died after Bryan was eliminated. Reigns was booked so weakly during the match and it looked like a fluke when he won it. Why in 2015 are Kane and The Big Show 2 of the last 4 men in the match Not even one NXT talent - Really poor show wwe The WWE booking is absolutely shambolic and has been for months. This match proved it. Brock / Cena / Orton should have gone on last, that was the bollox
  13. Oh and first name announced for the 16 Carat gold tournament Chris Sabin After tomorrow's match between Tomasso Ciampa and Uhaa Nation we will know participant number 2
  14. Hotels, flights and tickets all booked...looks like there's 6 progress fans going over for it? Anyone else?