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UKFF FIFA 13 PS3 League: Season Two


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The final table is below:




Congrations to TezzRexx, who finally bags the big one to accompany his previous Division Two title (Bremen are his lucky team it seems). I wonder if we'll see a change of sig in the near future?


Everton leapfrog Brisbane into second place after a good season by rohpete. Torquay's mixed season sees them end in fourth, with Chelsea fifth and Spurs at bottom of the table.


Now this season has finished, I think we now need to think about the future of the league.


I think a back to basics approach, similar to how we did it initially, is needed. By that, I mean that whilst the dream team thing is fun it probably over-complicates matters somewhat now, especially if we do it fairly often, and probably puts some people off playing/joining. Whilst it may return at a later date as a novelty, I think using the real squads/teams is the way to go from now on. Whilst the novelty of playing in the league/not buying the next version of Fifa may have not seen some former regulars return, looking back the better times/times with the most players in the league were also when we just used the normal teams. The other thing to think about is this season we saw some people leave because of troubles getting games played. You can't legislate for some people disappearing or not responding or having technical issues, which is why it's a tough thing to deal with. There are probably things that can help however. The two things I can think of are a) having shorter seasons (playing each other once), or b) if we are playing each other twice, perhaps rather than playing two opponents each week, you play both your games against the same opponent, which would get both your matches with that person out of the way and you only have to chase up one person, not two. That are my thoughts on the matter, anyone else have any thoughts orideas?

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I'm interested, please tell me more.


I've only just started to get to grips with FIFA 13 so I want to know what I'm letting myself in for.

Usually two games per week over the course of a couple of months (there's a couple week grace period to get games played) depending on how many people are participating. Aiming to do a draft, draw or mix of both again this season so you edit your team with the players that were picked/drawn, which is easy enough and should only take 15 minutes or so. We're a mixed ability group so it doesn't matter how good you are, and generally find that anyone can beat anyone on their day.

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