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Preston City Wrestling - Last Night Of Freedom Sept 28th Lava Ignite P


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Didn't dig the show too much but I had a good time regardless. Wish the main event had gone a bit longer as each guy had a good showing and I was impressed with BT Gunn who I hadn't seen before. Still looking forward to the next show anyway, fantastic roster and it'll be nice to see some gimmick matches for Halloween. Trav vs T-Bone should be class.

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I really enjoyed my third visit to PCW - especially the first half. Memories of the second half are a bit hazy... for some reason. Might have been the rounds of "GANGNAM STYLE!!" Jager Bombs. Who knows.


Allmark vs. Banks and Dar vs. Ligero vs. Hayes were both excellent. Full of action, with plenty for the crowd to cheer and get behind, as well as a villain in each who seemed to lap up the fans' abuse. Two of the better all-British matches I've seen this year. Joey turning heel after the 3-way was a good move and will hopefully let him stand out here. Up until now, he's been one of a host of cruiserweight babyfaces that are realistically, despite great matches, "just another guy" in the promotion. I was glad to see him advertised for the Halloween show as part of the Models gimmick, and believe there is much to offer PCW there.


Bubblegum vs. Elgin and Kirby vs. Rayne were really great too; just loads of fun. The former had annoying little sod Gum against this crazy powerful force who was intent on just killing him. The latter featured the debut of Dave Rayne's Y-fronts and laughs aplenty in a match which worked perfectly for this environment.


The tag title match started with Fite out alone, with a message playing on the big screens from Liam Thomson all wrapped up in a duvet with the sniffles. He was replaced in the tag match by Noam Dar. Don't remember much after that if I'm honest...


...and don't recall much about Kay Lee Ray vs. April Davids or Shaun "I LOVE YOU HAMMER" Davies vs. Mothman, either. In fact, the first I realised the latter had even taken place was the next morning when I read back my own live tweets from the show reporting the result. Hmmm.


Some people had left by the time the tag team main event started, so I moved down into an empty front row seat next to Richie. This was another decent one, with some interesting storyline twists as T-Bone turned on new champion Travis. Leaves me wanting to see what happens next.


So yeah, really good show. I can't make the Halloween-themed student event, due to it being a weeknight (which would mean taking 2 days off work), but should be back for more in November at 'Invasion'.


I did manage to make my train home, which was good, though fell asleep on the Preston-to-Manchester leg and ended up at the Airport. Luckily, I was clear-headed by then and there was another train back to Manchester city centre 10 minutes later or it might have been a long, cold, boring night on an airport bench! In actual fact, the detour filled an extra 45-mins of my night that I'd otherwsie be trying to fill, so was rather glad for it. Went for a late drink in a couple of places, caught my intended train home and was back in my own bed by 7am. All worked out pretty well, then.

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Right a more in depth look at PCW from Friday, there will be gaping holes, because I didnt see everything, and this time was valid reasons for it :p


Pre Match Drinks were cool as always, the pub with no name, or Fishers as people call it, apparently. It is a great place to meet, and want to see if can get some kind of pre show event going on. It's a shame that that people were missing for a variety of reasons, but Richie, Benny HG and Winedoesnot and me mate Paul, who isnt on here were great company, chewing the fat and generally getting less trashed then usual, well ever so slightly.


Got in to the venue around 6.30 ish. Saw Elgin doing his picture thing as we took up position by the bar


Eventually after mingling, got ready for the match at this point between Bubblegum and Elgin. Bubblegum came out with a Man City shirt on to lots of boos and general insults from our neck of the woods, Winedoesnot even getting a personal response to the heckles. The match eventually got under way and Bubblegum started off with some hit and run tactics. Eventually Elgin caught up with him and the match started.


Really really good match, Bubblegum was always going to go over, at least in my mind, because it would infuriate more than an Elgin win, plus he had to scoot to fight club so but Elgin was just beastly all night I'd like to see them both go again to be honest, chuck in a stip and that would be quite the tasty bout I think.


The 3 way with Noam and Joey and Ligs, was great, lots of different spots and each man taking a breather. at various points. What did strike me as odd, was that all three were offering heel type mannerisms, now Noam I can get and subsequently Joey I can get, but Ligs has always been face at PCW, and I've mentioned Sam Bailey being a bit heely at other shows. I'm aware that guys arent always face or always heel at every show, elsewhere but it was just odd here as Ligero has been super over since day 1. Maybe just me that picked up on it I dont know. I think at this point I may have fallen over trying to lift a guy on to a seat, lost my balance went arse over tit, oops cos I dont remember anything about the end of the match at all. Joey possibly did turn heel. Noam retained though


Dave Rayne vs Kirby was my MoTN, Dave looked class in his 'Tightey Whiteys' Copyright Benny HG. and Dave was playing up to getting to the lower weight including blowing up running the ropes. Really enjoyed it. Dave got the win. This was of course before Benny HG turned heel and got a seat, disgraceful behaviour :)


The Hammer squishing Mothman was great and a fitting PCW farewell for The Hammer, though only watched it from high up as was nattering to people again.


Didnt watch much of the ladies beat the living snot out of each other, as much but hard hitting was the order of the day. People said it was a great match and there was some real intensity. 3 way with the other two ladies, not Becky, Cheetah69UK :) would probably be war!


Fight Club well Kid Fite with Noam ( as we had a video message pull out, sniffles and everything) vs Disco Madness was great apart from the toe sucking, erm I mean biting. Who invited Antonia De Sancha to PCW? Honestly


I didnt see all that much of the main event but T-Bone going heel could be fun and setting up a match vs Trav for the Halloween show, It was a short main event I went out for a ciggy and a chat when the entrances were on, and by the time was back, around 10 mins or so perhaps even less was over. A few people have said would have liked to see it go on longer, but it did what it needed to, advanced the storylines and set up further battles, what I saw on the in house CCTV type dealio was good and saw T-Bone completely lose his rag vs Travis, he was well pissed off. Trav popped his shoulder again and required attention. And that was that, well apart from Richie and his bottles of beer haha.


I know it isnt the super know every move thing type report but hey I shall pay attention next time, maybe.



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