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Wrestling in the mainstream


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Not sure if this will be of any interest. Was looking for footage on Youtube when wrestling has crossed over to the mainstream. Hogan in 2012 is a master manipulator of the TV interview but it wasn't always that way. His promotion of Wrestlemania I by legit choking out Richard Belzer and his denial of steroids were before he found his patter. Ones that stand out to me are Hogans Japanese air conditioning unit advert and debt consilidation ad, Vader on Kuwaiti tv, Ziggler singing I'm 2 sexy, Kevin Nash in Sabrina and the teenage witch, Cena in Hannah Montanna, Randy Savage on Singapore tv is just plain wierd and I never knew Bam Bam did a Slim Jims ad or that today's wrestlers really get a kick out of doing the weather. There is still more I want to find I know it exists becuase i have it on VHS. The Bulldog before One Night Only on Live 6 with Emma Forbes talking about dedicating the match to his disabled sister, Jim Duggan in Harry and the Hendersons, Tatanka on live and kicking, Duggan on Going Live. Here is what i have so far.


THE 70's



THE 80's

Hulk Hogan with Mr T chokes out Richard Belzer promoting Wrestlemania I

As close as i can get to Hogan in the A team

They Live w/Roddy Piper in full

Bobby Heenan v Gorilla Monsoon Double Dare


THE 90's

Ultimate Warrior on Arsenio Hall 90

Savage on Arsenio Hall 90

Savage on Arsenio Hall 92


Macho Man on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

Mr Perfect on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous


Kevin Nash as Super Shredder TMNT



Hogan, Savage, Flair on Baywatch also Vader and Sullivan

Randy Savage v Walker Texas Ranger

Randy Savage on Singapore TV

Ultimate Warrior on Regis and Kathy Lee 90

Hulk Hogan Interview 93

lex Luger on Regis and Kathy Lee 93 promoting Lex Express

Yokozuna Jim Cornette on Regis and Kathy Lee 93 promoting Summerslam

Razor Ramon on Jerry Springer 96

Full episode Shawn Michaels in Baywatch

Marked Man in full w/ Roddy Piper 96

Vader attacks 97 Kuwait tv (undertaker)

Sunny on Entertainment Tonight 97





Hulk Hogan Right Guard ad

Hulk Hogan Debt Help Centre USA



John Cena stinger ad 2

Cena stinger ad 3

John Cena Vince Gillette ad

John Cena subway ad


HHH suncream ad




HHH acts like Harry Potter on Mad tv

Steve Austin and Debra mad tv 2002

Kevin Nash in Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Kevin Nash and Giant Gonzalez in Swamp thing 92

Lex Luger on Regis and Kathy Lee 97

HHH on Drew Carey show 98

Kevin Nashs 1st Appearance in sitcom Nikki.

Kevin Nash 2nd appearance Nikki

Macho man appearance in Nikki 2001

Kevin Nash and Goldberg on Love Boat

Goldberg on Regis and Kathy lee

Vader on Boy Meets World

Vader does Vadersault on Bot meets World.

Randy Savage and Gorgeous George on ARLI$$ sitcom

Hollywood Hogan on Gegis and Kathy Lee promoting HH98


Sting on Regis and Kethy lee 2000

Kevin Nash in Dead or Alive 2006

Kevin Nash in The Punisher

Mankind Chef Boyardee ad


WWE Weakest Link Regal, Lita, HHH, Steph, Angle, Show, Stratus, Booker

WWE Weakest Link 2 Terri, Austin, Kane, Dudleys, Edge, Lawler, Debra 2002

WWE Fear Factor w/ Test, Hardys, Lita, Molly Holly, Jaqueline

Matt Hardy on Scare Tactics

Lita on Regis and Kathy Lee promoting WWE cookbook

HHH on Conan O'Brien 2001

HHH interview Jimmy Kimmel 2003 Badd Blood

Bones Mcgraw (Savage) v Spiderman



Nash, Austin, Khali in the longest yard

Rock and Big Show on Big Breakfast promoting Rebellion

Scott Hall on Live and Kicking

Steve Austin on Conan O'Brien 99

MTV Cribs w/ Matt Hardy

Christian Cage on MTV Cribs

Steve Austin in Nash Bridges

Batista in Smallville


Undertaker in The Poltergeist series


Maven on Blind Date 2002

Hulk Hogan on MTV Cribs


The Great Khali Jackass

Big Show on Are you smarter than a fifth grader?

John Morrison on Are you smarter than a fifth grader

The Miz on Are you smarter than a fifth grader?

MVP on Are you smarter than a fifth grader?

WWE Superstar Karaoke on Lopez Tonight includes Ziggler's I'm 2 SAexy and Miz's Jump around

Kevin Nash in Sitcom Brothers 2009

Steve Austin on Soccer am

The Miz on Sky Sports News

Wade Barret on Sky sports news 2011

Kevin Nash Scottish tv 2011


Zack Ryder on Sky sports news 2012


Lex Luger on TBN

Edge in Haven on Syfy

Edge guest role in Sanctuary



Shawn Michaels does the weather 2010

CM Punk interview FOX

CM Punk Great Day SA interview

The Miz on Blue Peter 2011



The Miz on Conan 3/2011

Miz on Conan 12/2011


Shaemus on Conan 2011



Randy Orton on Jimmy Kimmel

Randy Orton on Lopez tonight w/ R-Truth


Austin on Regis and Kathy lee 2007

Mickie James on Daybreak

Hogan on Hollywood 411 2008

Hulk Hogan Today show 2011

Sky Sports News Kurt Angle 2011

Hulk Hogan on London Tonight 2012


Abyss does the weather

Bending the Rules movie trailer with Edge

Mick Foley Celebrity Wife Swap poor quality clip

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You have Hulk Hogan in Rocky 3 in the 90's but that was the 80's in fact I'm pretty sure that was before he was even in WWE (well WWF at the time)

Yeah alot of dates are very wrong call it a rough draft.


This website list wrestlers and their tv appearances here

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Fantastic list - really well put together. One minor thing, the 'Unknown sitcom' King Kong Bundy is listed for is 'Married with Children', it was actually his second appearance in the show, his first being in the 80s as 'Uncle Irwin - Married with Children - All in the Family


Bit of 'Married..' Trivia - The Bundys were named so after King Kong Bundy, as the writers were fans. In the first series, one of the characters surname was Ventura too, I believe that was also taken from Jesse Ventura.


GLOW wrestlers also appeared on Married, but not sure if they would really count....

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