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'You know you're an indy wrestler when....'

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Seen a link on twitter to a group called 'You know you're an indy wrestler when...', the premise of which is simple. Fans and wrestlers alike give examples of when you know you are an 'indy' wrestler.


Such as 'you know you're an indy wrestler when you always have a mask in your bag incase you have to pull double duty in the battle royal' or 'when back to back headlock takedowns leads to a stand off'.


SO, I figured, let's see what the patrons of the ukff can come up with.

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Couple more from the Twitter site....


'when you tell the promoter your petrol costs and he goes 'Fucking hell! What kind of car do you drive!?'


'when the ring is so small you can't suplex a guy without hitting the ropes'.


'when you're a World champion who's never left the country. Or the county.'


'when everyone has the same kickpads because Highspots have a sale on'.


'when 1 pair of kneepads are shared by half the wrestlers on the show,'


'when you have 5 'finishers', none of which actually finish the match'.


'when your opponent says he is wearing pleather because 'it makes his kicks sound louder''.


'when your changing room is the back of the ring van.'


'when you've wrestled someone who's wearing a Super Dragon mask who's not Super Dragon'.

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