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IPW 7 Year Anniversary Show - LEADERS VS YOUNG BUCKS


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TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW FROM: www.ipwuk.com/sittingbourne


On Sunday November 27th The Lion Kid will get the opportunity of a lifetime as he challenges Sha Samuels for the Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship.


This comes after Kid, was able to successfully pin Samuels shoulders to the mat at the conclusion of a heated Summer Sizzler tag team main event.


Samuels camp will argue all day long that you can give the assist to referee Chris Roberts but the fact remains that it was the shooting star press of The Lion Kid that put the champion down for the 3 count and should the champion find himself in a similar position on Sunday November 27th he could find himself in some real trouble.


Samuels was absolutely livid and unavailable for any comment aside from

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I'd keep an eye on who wXw announce for their show the day before. Both companies are celebrating their Anniversaries that weekend so it should be big.


They have announced Dick Togo, but I think the 4FW match will remain his last English show.


Yes, Dick is set to face Zack Sabre Jr on 26.11 in Oberhausen which should be crazy good.

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I'm very happy with that. Eddie had a great match against Haskins last time he was here, and I'm sure him and Stone will mix it up quite nicely. Whereas Edwards/Haskins was more of the epic Jnr variety of match, Eddie/Stone are going to have a real strike based heavyweight encounter.

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