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There has been many, many brilliant toys from different eras, although personally I believe that the period from between 1985 until 1995, was the best time to be a kid, because there was just so much stuff that were all unique in their own way.


So I would like anyone to tell us what some of your favourites are, along with some memories of those toys and if you have kept any of them for sentimental value.


I'll get the ball rolling. Here's just one of my favourites ; "Madballs". Most of you will probably remember these instantly, but for those who don't, these little guys were great. Little, squeezable rubber balls with crazy faces. Myself, I had the Mummy madball, but sadly I don't have it today.






As much as I loved those Madballs, I loved these next guys more....




Boglins, as they were called, were rubber hand puppets that were quite articulate, you could move their eyeballs back and forth along with their mouths. They also came in those cool wooden cage type packaging. Again, I do not have mine anymore, but even now 20 years later I still love seeing them.



While I'm at it, I would just like to ask anyone if they can remember those floppy rubber frisbees which also had the face of an ugly monster on them. They had the same kind of feel to them as Madballs and Boglins. I'm not sure how many were made, but there was certainly quite a few different types of them to collect.

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I remember Madballs and Boglins, especially Boglins and the strange feel of the texture.


Waking up one Christmas morning to find this still stands out in my mind as being one of my happiest childhood moments....





It got a few good years of usage as well, long after the Ghostbusters craze had died down it served perfectly as something like Shredder

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I still have my Bingo in the loft I think, complete with my initials hand drawn on his tongue for some reason. Don't ever remember him talking though, either I was too young to remember pulling out his battery or my evil parents took it out because it was 'dangerous'.


The Ghostbuster house was brilliant although I only ever remember pouring the gunge through the roof just the once. Also had the ECTO1 car to go with it.


I always wanted and never got (like so many) the holy grail of kids toys....




Instead I ended up with this,



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Mate those aren't original Madballs, they're reboots from a couple of years ago


Original ones look like this ch290553195081.jpg


M.A.S.K was sick!


I'm a total toy fanatic and always have been, there's so many toys I've had over the years I don't know where to start, think I'll just post a few pics of whatever pops ointo my head










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I think it never left my hand for a good year. My mates were well jealous when I turned up waving it about, they didn't get to touch it though.


The Ghostbusters HQ was owned by my mate and it was the highlight of visiting him.



Again a friend owned this. My Auntie got me the animated series version. Whilst cool, it wasn't as cool as the mighty Batman Forever one.



My uncle brought this back after serving some time with the army. He was my favourite Uncle for a few years after that.


I forgot about most of these. Good thread.

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