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UKFF XBOX 360 Fifa 12 League

Jonny Vegas

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I know it's a little early however as the demo is out today I thought maybe we could get the ball rolling now with the preparation and that way get cracking on with the league straight away following the release.


If you want in then simply PM me with your XBL username and preferred team which I will then add into this post as a list of entrants. Teams will be allocated on a first PM basis should there be a duplicate request in which case I shall PM you a list of all current requested teams.


Jonny Vegas - karta13 - Napoli

Liquid Snake - elduderino1888 - Manchester City

Dingbat - graemebarrie - Barcelona

pain-giver - princereedy - Newcastle United

Devon Laney - MartinJHobbs - Manchester United

scratchdj - Pitchfader - Liverpool

Shit Poster - o Big Ears o - Blackburn Rovers

Popcorn - KarimTheGreat1 - Santos

Dazz - DazzM - Rangers

iamtheman - PAULWILSON1000 - Real Madrid

Bono The Creationist - J1OUK - Chelsea

Stylin_and_Profilin - Kozma10 - AC Milan

Children Of Bodom - ducktapeman666 - Fulham

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Yeah I was having trouble earlier mate, think it's probably because of the massive demand for the download.


Dingbat the teams on the demo are Arsenal, Barcelona, Dortmund, Man City, Marseille and Milan. The teams for entrance into this league are open for whoever you wish to be, only Bayern Munich and Man City taken so far.

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