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Blocking Numbers on your phone


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You need to contact the Nuisance call bureau at o2 who will look into it


They will ask when the calls and texts are made, by whom if you know, what the nature of the call is


If malicious they may ask you to lodge it with the Police as well


Options from memory


Number Change.. Wont solve the issue if they are known to you and can get the number again


Block that number/s from calling which would solve the issue unless they change their number


Block your texts. Afaik o2 couldnt block texts form specific numbers, they had to turn off your entire text ability. Dunno if thats changed


But thats pretty much your available options



Here is the o2 page on it specifically

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Surely there's an app to block certain numbers or withheld numbers, if the phone's not got that capability built in, like most phones do now.


Edit - O2 definitely can't/won't block specific numbers from calling/texting you.

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