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Football League Table Predictor Game

Glenryck Pilchards

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For a couple of years at my local pub I have ran a successful Fantasy Football League Predictor game and I thought why not introduce it to the lovely people of the UKFF.


The game itself is simple. You need to pick three teams from each of the five divisions (Premier League, Championship, League 1, League 2 and SPL) who you think will finish highest in that league. Wherever your team finishes, that position will be added to your total. The winner is the person who gains the least number of points.


For example if you picked these teams last year you would have amassed these points:


EPL: Manchester United (1) Arsenal (4) Liverpool (6) total = 11

Ch: Norwich (2) Leeds (7) Middlesbrough (12) total = 21

L1: MK Dons (5) Southampton (2) Charlton (13) total = 20

L2: Chesterfield (1) Stevenage Borough (6) Barnet (22) total = 29

SPL: Celtic (2) Rangers (1) Hibernian (10) total = 13


Grand total = 94


If you picked that lot you would have finished in the bottom half of my pub league. It does not matter in which order you choose your teams.


Whichever teams you pick then they are your picks for the rest of the season, apart from a 4 week window in December where you are allowed to change one team.


In order to enter please send me your 15 teams by PM or e-mailing me at rtcwillwalkthis@hotmail.co.uk in order to have a bit of secrecy for the start of the season. By all means discuss who you are considering in this thread. Please get your entries to me by the English transfer deadline which is 11pm on Wednesday 31st August.


If you post your teams on this thread you will be placed into mental administration and you will have 10 points added to your total.


There is a possibility of prizes but I need to get the OK from the mods first.


I will update the standings on the 1st of every month.


Are there any questions?

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Good game, I like it, will have a go.


However, I doubt you'll get much response until the eve of the season? Will be worth a bump then.



I thought I would advertise it now just to get everyone's thinking caps on and they can scout the ins and outs of each club.


Regarding the SPL of course everyone expects the Old Firm to finish in the top two but one of them could be struck down by bird flu or some other bizarre shenanigans could go on.

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Good game, only problem is that there could still be plenty of transfer activity until the end of Aug that could make a huge difference. Last day signing craziness again and all that.

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