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Betting available on Wrestlemania at William Hill


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The Miz tripple H double are eally nice odd's but unfortunatly i'm not confident it will happen, but worth a tenner?


To make your night interesting yes. For any other reason no! I think Miz is about where he should be given the Rock's involvement making something other than a Cena win possible. On the other hand the match is going on last....


As for HHH Undertaker - HHH should be a much bigger price and Undertaker much shorter. So if you were betting to make money lump as much as possible on Taker (accepting the small risk of him planning to retire in a rather odd way).

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What I mean is isn't it feasible for the miz to win then for the rock to challenge him thus becoming champ thus ending wrestlmaina on a high. So the miz both wins the match but the fans still come home happy. It has happened before


Yep a Wrestlemania IX finish is just about a possibility I reckon! On reflection I'm going to have a quid on Miz and HHH just to make it fun - if I put serious money on put knowing my luck the Undertaker would cripple himself doing something stupid and the match would be a NC......

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