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Banned Racehorse names.....


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Was sent this at work today......incredibly childish but a few absolute beauties in there....




CHIT Hot, OilBeefHooked and Arfur Foulkesaycke are among a catalogue of hilarious racehorse names which were banned by the sport's censors, it has been revealed.


The never-before-seen list features a string of names which if passed to compete would have been a race commentator's worst nightmare.


Luckily they all fell at the first hurdle, meaning the horses, riders and pundits were saved the embarrassment of the weird, wonderful and sometimes shocking monikers.


Others which never made it past the post include Choke the Chicken, Curl One Off and Hugh G Dildeaux.


Norfolk Enchants, Pee Nesenvy and Spank The Monkey also pulled up lame as did Ivanna Threesome, Jack Schitt and Anita B Jaynow.


A spokesman for lovetheraces.com, which carried out the study of racehorse names past and present, said:

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Or the classic from The Day Today: Two Headed Sex Beast.

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