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The Best Ovations


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Just thought i'd start a topic for people to post their best ovations, whether it be from TNA,WWE or any other promotion for either a return, debut, win or simply because they fucked up a spot.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVJrqh7XAlE <--- Tazz Debut RR 2000


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XY9hzuZWLnc <----- John Cena 2008 RR Return

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It might not be the loudest or anything but The Rock being incredibly over at Breakdown 1998 is one of my all time favourites. He was still a sort of tweener at that point but the crowd fucking loved him and the pop for the double peoples elbow is epic.


That was the moment for me when you knew he was ready to main event.


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I don't know if this is weird, but I really do enjoy watching back the classic massive pop moments, it gives events such an enormous sense of importance.




The Rock, last week.

Hogan after WM18 in Montreal

Hogan returns at WM21

The Harts at Canadian Stampede in 1997 - truly awe inspiring ovation

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Probably Bret Hart, but you should check out the episode of Nitro where Hogan returns to Canada for the first time in years. The ovation Hogan got was as big as the one he got at WrestleMania 18. It was wierd as well because Hogan hadnt fully turned babyface yet and was still the leader of the nWo. Hart probably just edged it, but Hogan and Hart were on fire that night. Its strange because both were unmotivated and pretty shit at the time, and WCW was taking a battering off the WWF, so both probably couldnt be arsed around the time. But on that night both looked like they were bigger than Austin or The Rock. They looked like their old selfs. I'll try and find the video.


Here's Hogan doing all his catchphrases, and forgetting he's got a black beard and is in the nWo. At around 6:40



Here's Bret's. This is awesome. At 5:50.


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The whole "smart fans forgetting to boo Cena at the Rumble 2008" thing gets massively overblown.


Whenever he comes out, the first thing you hear is a big cheer. The part of the audience that loves him (anywhere from 50% to 85% or there abouts) goes nuts screaming, then as that begins to die down a little, the undercurrent of booing becomes more noticeable.


I was live in that Rumble audience and that's what happened. It certainly wasn't the case that everyone started cheering then suddenly went "hang on, I hate Cena... BOOOOOOO". The section i was in had a bunch of kids going mental and a load of older fans looking a bit miffed.


Of course he got a huge pop at the beginning, for his fans it was a huge shock and so they were louder than ever, but it's bullshit to say that "everyone cheered, before they remembered they hate Cena".

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