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Guitarist Gary Moore RIP

Snake Plissken

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That's terrible news, Gary Moore was one of my favourite guitarists.


From his work with Thin Lizzy to solo albums like Still Got The Blues and Power of the Blues, you could always tell it was him playing. Incredible solos (he could hold and sustain a note like nobody else) and an excellent voice too.


Saw him live in '07, a great show. Good at putting down hecklers as well.


I'm off to listen to 'Parisienne Walkways'. RIP Gary Moore.

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Well, this has put a right fucker on an otherwise great weekend. My mp3 player chucked Over The Hills on while I was on the coach yesterday, and I was thinking of how apart from his speed, he was probably one of the best wammy bar guys before the American "shredders" came along.


Next to Stuart Adamson, I've probably mercilessly ripped off Gary Moore's lead licks more than anyone elses.


He could also sing some bastard high notes. Out In The Fields is ridiculously high before the key change at the end.


What makes it all the worse is that he was still active and still able to play brilliantly.

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In my mind he was a legendary guitarist, he had a great touch and also a great voice (really sounded like Dave Hill of Demon).

Just like there's a Lynott statue I want to see a Gary Moore statue in Belfast.


Some great tracks by Gary that I really adored:

Speak for Yourself -

Thunder Rising - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDLg2UIg-TY

Run for Cover -

Victims of the Future -

After the War -

Over the Hills and Far Away -

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