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Post Of The Month: October


Post Of The Month: October  

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A little later than scheduled, but vote from:


1) Woyzeck,in response to Duane being sceptical about Plentyoffish.com:




2) Woyzeck, rallying the Liverpool fans in the 'Dear Mr Hicks' thread:


I have way too much time on my hands.


It's worksafe, just massive: http://franticplanet.files.wordpress.com/2...earmrhicksb.jpg


3) Ian_hitmanhart in the 'Post and Thread Titles if the UKFF was around in the 80s & 90s' thread:


-Will The British Bulldog win? Observer reports on whether he wants to or not.


4) Burchill's Buddy in the Scams thread:


My proudest internet achievement. (possibly my greatest life achievement) was seeing a Nigerian scammer doing the old "selling you something that doesn't exist" scam on gumtree a couple of years ago, this one was particularly interesting as he was selling Yorkshire Terriers. I set up a G mail account under the name 'Man Meat Ltd' and took on the role of a Mr Ji-Sung Park. (you can probably see where this is going) I told him that I was interested in buying Yorkshire terrier meat from him, and also gave him a list of other rare meats that we were in short supply of (Mogwai, Ewok, Bantha and other fictional animals mainly). At first he was taken back at my proposal of him killing his pet dog and sending me the meat, but once I told him the prices we were prepared to pay (I was very generous) Unsurprisingly he was more than happy to tell me that they could get all of those things, and that the Yorkshire Terrier meat was ready to go.




Basically I dragged this on for weeks, back and forth, wasting as much of his time as possible by getting him to fill in shipping forms and quality of meat forms (all made up in MS Word by me). Eventually I told him that in order to do business we needed photo ID of any customer we dealt with, holding a secret password written on a sign for confirmation of ID. Although obviously hesitant to take a photo of himself, he tried to get around this, sending me fake photos he'd clearly ripped off of Google image search. I went back to him saying in a gesture of good faith I would send him a photo of myself, and photoshopped up a picture of two asian butchers with Man Meat on their aprons.




It took me about 2 weeks of playing hardball after that, pretending to back out of the deal, ignoring him for a few days and telling him we had other companies we could buy from. A few days later I got my photo though, a photo of my own little nigerian scammer holding up a sign that said


"I sell Yorkshire Terrier meat to Ji Sung Park"





I have not felt pride like it since. After that I told him I had to back of the deal because I had signed for Manchester United (complete with attaching a photo of Ji Sung Park shaking hands with Sir Alex Ferguson) He was not pleased I had wasted months of his time. He called me some bad words :(



5) kickin wit the kliq in the 'What should Wade Barrett make Cena do' thread:


Wade should order him to go find a shrubbery, when he returns with it, he should then be ordered to go get Wade another shrubbery so that he can have a two tier effect with a little path running down the middle.
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Burchill's Buddy gets my vote - the pictures are brilliant. He's probably in with a good shout of Post Of The Year as well, although I still think i'll be voting 'Benny is visited by the police because of his UKFF posting' in that one.

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