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Premier League 2010/2011 Discussion


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i think newcastle might do well since they will be on an high from last season.

With no money to spend and with their current lot imo I really don't think they'll handle well, well unless there is just 3 teams as poor as theirs.


Depends what you class as well. I think we'll have enough to stay up, so first season back i guess that'd be doing well. I'd be happy with it anyway.


But yeah, so much for a winnable first game of the season, would rather play Man Utd then though as they are traditional late starters. Villa first home game is annoying as they start well, but i'd love to beat them after they sent us down!


Stunned to see we're at Home on Boxing Day, be a good game against City that.


Last 7 games is bloody difficult in Villa away, Man Utd Home, Blackpool and Liverpool away, Birmingham Home, Chelsea away and West Brom Home so I hope we're either safe, or not far from safe. That last day against West Brom stands out...

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Liverpool's opening 5 fixtures are pretty tough.

14 - Arsenal (h)

21 - Manchester City (a)

28 - West Bromwich Albion (h)




11 - Birmingham City (a)

18 - Manchester United (a)


United's run in is a toughie too.

Sat Apr 16 Newcastle United A

Sat Apr 23 Everton H

Sat Apr 30 Arsenal A

Sat May 7 Chelsea H

Sat May 14 Blackburn Rovers A

Sun May 22 Blackpool H


The fixture list coming out has me more pumped for the Premier League season than I am for the World Cup. Been on my phone all morning re-arranging my life for the next 10 months.

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arsenal's aint much better



liverpool (h)

bolton (a)

man utd (h)

stoke (a)

villa (h)

fulham (a)


man city have a good run-in though

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apparently manuel pellegrini is in talks to become our next manager...


his wikipedia page amused me:


Pellegrini is expected to meet with representatives of Liverpool Football Club on June 18th 2010 to discuss the possibility of taking over the vacant managerial post at Anfield. Although he said Hicks is a knob and doesnt want to work for him.



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Aston Villa not a bad start


West Ham (H)

Newcastle United(A)

Everton (H) - That will be difficult always is against Everton.

Stoke City (A)

Bolton (H)

Wolves (A)

Spurs (A)

Chelsea (H)

Sunderland (A)

The Clowns (H)

Fulham (A)

Blackpool (H)

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I can't speak for them but a mate of mine who's a Liverpool fan said it doesn't matter who they appoint, nothing will change until they sort out all the off pitch stuff. Fair comment I guess.

Not necessarily. They have several World Class players so it's not a stretch to suggest that bringing in a manager who can do a better job of supplementing those players on a budget could achieve some success in the short term. They have still got the majority of the squad who finished second in the Premier League 13 months ago.


Also, once Roy abandons zonal marking, Liverpool will hardly concede at all.

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They have still got the majority of the squad who finished second in the Premier League 13 months ago.


For now. I'd be really shocked if they haven't lost at least one of their 'big three' by August.


Gerrard, Torres and.....?


Btw Greatest username ever.

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I think Liverpool are destined for mid-table mediocrity for a couple of years. Not just because of Hodgson, but that clubs in a mess. As much as Hodgson comes across as a nice bloke, I really can't see him turning Liverpool around and attracting players there. At Fulham there was no pressure, at Liverpool expectation is incredibly high.



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