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  1. The Rock/Cena video game comparison that I've seen around the net is so true. Big move after big move, reversal after reversal. No chemistry at all, I really wasn't a fan. I guess it's easy to hate on the main event when you've already seen 3 hours of wrestling though, I think shaving a couple of minutes off the match and squeezing the 8 person tag in as a buffer could have made a difference. It finished about 10 minutes early so I guess this could have been done. Enjoyed the rest though, Punk/Taker stole the show, every year I'm lukewarm about his return and every year I'm reminded that Taker is a machine. He looked in especially good shape this time. Great stuff, the sit-up during the Anaconda Vice was brilliant. It does seem as if a constant Mania gripe is the stadium crowd translating on to TV badly, and I agree. Really wish they could come up with a way to fix this, whether it's by mic-ing the crowd up differently or whatever, I don't know.
  2. Highly recommend the Breaking Bad Insider podcast for anyone who can't get enough. Vince Gilligan and members of the crew and cast recapping each episode. Great to get you through the breaks between seasons. You'll have to switch iTunes to the US store to get them, but they're all free so it's no problem. Absolutely love the show. Walter is just the best character I've ever seen, Cranston is the man.
  3. with some of Paramore and Nick Grimshaw.
  4. Everything from the LAW stable and Art of Wrestling is all you need. That gives you 5-6 hours a week of new content. Agree about Pollock/Ting being great, hopefully one day they can force Dan Lovranski out of the main show and get Pollock in his seat permanently. Lovranski is good comedy value for being so off the mark so often, but I would be quite happy to see him pushed out.
  5. Long shot I know, but I'm after a couple of tickets for Raw in Birmingham tomorrow. If anyone needs to get any off their hands (meet at the venue maybe) drop me a PM and we can sort it out. Thanks
  6. Not sure if you know (maybe this is why you rewatched the film), but Live Audio Wrestling just did a review of the film and interview with Barry Blaustein. It's on iTunes, I'm listening to it now, really interesting.
  7. The Google cached version of his profile is here for now.
  8. SPOILER - Highlight the black box to read
  9. I agree, as long as Vince is taking care of Vickie, Chavo will probably hang around too. Vickie gets some of the biggest reactions in wrestling. She's not a charity case. And she uses her real name. If WWE sacked her, TNA would snap her up in a heartbeat, and she might be the one that turns the tide. I don't think there's any "taking care of" needed anymore. Nobody gives a toss about Chavo, though. He's another one like Scotty, Holly and Venis. Seems like he's got a job for life, but they might get fed up of him eventualy. Yeah, I meant 'taking care of' in relation to the talk that Vince doesn't pay her much of a wage but sorts out most of her overheads for her. I agree, she's no charity case in front of the camera. I'm just guessing that while Vince is helping her out in her general lifestyle, Chavo is safe.
  10. I agree, as long as Vince is taking care of Vickie, Chavo will probably hang around too.
  11. Ok, just incase it happens, don't befriend some dude named Matt Zuckenburg. Look up Mark Zuckerberg instead. Although the thought of someone making the effort to go back in time to work on a friendship with Matt, getting slightly worried when he doesn't go to Harvard, and even more worried when he shows no interest in computer programming, is almost priceless.
  12. In that case it's even closer. It's next to Birmingham Airport, which has the Birmingham International train station.
  13. Birmingham New Street is about a 15 minute walk. 10 if you're quick.
  14. Not as bad as it could have been. I enjoyed it but you always need a couple of episodes to get used to the characters, it can only get better. It will never happen but I'd love Al Snow to make a quick guest appearance at some point. Agree about Stone Cold entering on the bike though, hilariously ridiculous.
  15. I 100% would love to go to this, I felt so jealous during this previous Mania weekend I know this one has to happen for me. Just need to convince the girlfriend (who enjoys wrestling) that it will be a good idea. Don't think I'd get one of those WWE packages though, I'd rather sort my own tickets and save cash by heading to a hostel. SPOILER - Highlight the black box to read