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anyone wanna read my story?

children of bodom

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as for the big chicken. all i can say is that comes from my nan who always says "I ve done you a big Chicken". my mate still says it when she cooks for her kids


It wasn't a knock, it just tickled me. Encase it seemed like a knock.


Beastmaster is on Skull Island, studying the giant apes there. Stingray is now running an electronics firm


I love that Beastmaster is studying King Kong while Stingray is managing Dixons.



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When are we getting this audiobook version of Anglo Force?



More Radders goodness. How to write the classic walk-and-talk


The leader of the Black Squadron, Mother Nature, and her new second in command, the Grim Reaper, walked through the cold, dark, damp caves of northern Wales...



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Dude, you need to use proper spelling and grammar or my interest in your writing will collapse like a flan in a cupboard. If you don't know how/can't be bothered then get someone else to do it. There's probably some great stuff in there, but I only got to Paragraph 4 before quitting entirely.


I enjoyed the Snoop plane thing.


Of course I had a novel published this year (see signature) and am now going to present one of my own stories for assassination at the hands of the UKFF here (this one is a half-decade old now, mind).

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