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Best Pro-wrestler of 2009


Best Pro-wrestler of 2009?  

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The most entertaining wrestler last year for me was Scott Steiner. He did most of the actual work in the MEM, was the most charismatic of the group, still comes across as dangerous and unpredictable, and generally is a paragon of the sort of mean, surly, overly muscled asshole that I want to see. The fact that he's quite happy to put anyone and everyone over should get him some votes from those who care about building up younger stars, too.


Plus, his Screwdriver to Petey Williams complete with flipping off the ctowd was awesome.

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CM Punk gets my vote.


In 2009 he managed to win the Incontinental title, the World Heavyweight title twice, the money in the bank briefcase at 'Mania, and became the latest wrestler to win the triple crown in January.


Couple those accomplishments up with some great feuds and matches with Jeff Hardy & The Undertaker, and it's fair to say that Punk had a pretty awesome year.

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Three horse race for me, between:


1.) Rey Mysterio - Strong showings in the Royal Rumble and at No Way Out, cracking series with Jericho including a couple of MOTYCs, gave Ziggler and Morrison their best matches, team with Batista had the best match anyone did with JerriShow and then when he and 'The Animal' had their split he capped off the year with some underdog performances against him. In-ring I think he had the most good matches of the three. This was by far his most consistent year (would consider 2002 but he wasn't around all year) since going to 'New York'.


2.) Christian - In some ways the most deserving since he was so consistent despite not being featured through any kind of big push yet he still managed to do a good job coming across as the big fish in a small pond and had plenty of good matches with the whole variety of opponents he was thrown from Swagger to Henry to Kidd to Dreamer to Ryder to Regal to Benjamin to Tatsu. I'd go further and say he has been the best wrestler they've had since the start of the new ECW. The only problem I have with picking him is that he seemed to get lost in the shuffle (even more so than usual for the ECW Champ) towards from about late August to November, not even appearing at HIAC or Bragging Rights, until they gave him a bit of a push again at the very end (strong showing at Survivor Series, given a title defense at TLC, the current tourney to set up a No. 1 Contender).


3.) Chris Jericho - Was my pick for this last year and he had another strong year in '09. When you combine the stuff against Rourke and the Legends, the feud with Steamboat, the short-lived team with Edge, the 'thrown together' JerriShow's ability to develop into a proper team and have more interesting matches with Cryme Tyme and MVP & Henry than the Harts or Legacy managed (despite plenty of practice in both cases) and the actual quality of matches with Cena and Mysterio you could even argue he had an even better year than last year where the highlights were mainly to do with the same feud with Michaels, plus some decent stuff with others. He's certainly shown more variety this year. Unlike Mysterio he didn't get suspended either so he was around (and heavily featured) all year.


Those are the ones who've made me enjoy watching wrestling the most this year and that's my main criteria for this (Hon. mention to John Cena for being in almost all of the good matches I saw from the Raw brand). I wouldn't mind any of them winning.

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