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The Backyard ( Wrestling documentary )


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Well Pac has obviously gone onto better things wrestling wise. There was at one point a hell of a lot of backyarders up here in the North East and so-called "Feds".


Yep, I used to know a group of friends who used to travel all over the country attending these backyard shows, Pac was there and made them all look ridiculous. He was the only one in shape, although he used way too many high spots. Glad to see him move on to sunnier shores.


The Backyard is a wonderful documentary albeit a tragic one. I enjoyed the match in the park where a twelve-year old calling himself something along the lines of "the insane butcher" had his "mom" shouting him to stop as he set up a thumbtack table spot.


The nutcases doing the deathmatch stuff are still doing it, amazingly. They actually wrestle in a ring now but still insist on doing bumps onto cactuses and the like.

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