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the noughties metal/rock thread * nostalgia thread *

Egg Shen

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thought i'd post this after reading the top 10 albums of the decade thread....


basically the 00's provided a full decade's worth of music loving for me, i started to really become a fan of music around '96-'97 so the whole decade ive been enjoying the rock/metal.


Just wanted people opinions on favorite albums, favorite gigs, underrated albums, worst albums, worst gigs, post video's whatever.


Of course the decade came in strong with nu-metal, that died, we had the emo explosion, the resurgence of thrash metal, comebacks galore...loads of shit went down. Share some memories...

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My love for metal started perfectly on March 3rd 2000. Right here:


Me and my brother both got the album and have never looked back. Although i got into alot of the nu-meta bandsl , i almost straight away got into the 'heavier' stuff. I think the second metal album i bought was a My Ruin one.

I don't think i started going to gigs til 2001. I think one of my first was Ozzfest at the Milton Keynes Bowl. Headlined by Black Sabbath, perfect place for a festival and i had an awesome time. And i've been to 100's since of gigs. There seemed to be a time when i was 18/19, when i was going to Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms or sometimes Southampton Joiners every other week!


Still massively into metal and music is a big part of my life. I'll add my favourite/worst albums gigs to the thread when ive had a think!

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Best bands I've seen this decade:



Metal Church in Belgium (played a BLINDER that no one saw coming at Graspop)

Black Sabbath with Dio in Glasgow

Iron Maiden in Belgium

Dio in Glasgow for the "An Audience with Dio" tour

Judas Priest in Glasgow

DevilDriver (supporting, I think, Arch Enemy?) in Glasgow

Napalm Death in London

Saxon in Germany

Misery Index in Germany (most violent pit I've been in)


And I feel like a bit of a cheat putting my own gigs on the list, but:





Diamond Head



All bloody good gigs.

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I may not listen to the same music as i did back then but the very early noughties were fucking awesome for being a teenager getting into metal, there seemed to be such a huge surge of people finding nu-metal at the same time and it as a damn fun sub-culture to be a part of.

Shame Emo came along and the few metal fans around were left behind as 90% of people changed to the latest fad.


Best gig was Mayhem/Mistress/Cadaver and Defiled in 2004. To see Mayhem when i was still quite into the Norwegian BM scene was ace.

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i'll never forget about that TFI performance, i was working in the bingo hall at the time and remember setting a video to record it. This was waaaaay before anything like youtube so this was the first opportunity i got to see see Slipknot in any kind of live environment, it was genuinely exciting. I re-watched that video about 50 times.

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So, favourite gigs/live performances:

Foo Fighters at Brixton Academy in 2000 was my first gig (well 2nd actually, Metaloaf 1st), and thats still one of my favourites. And You Know Us By The Trail Of Dead were support, and hated by the crowd. I liked them though!

Earthtone9 in 2001 at Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms was awesome. Only about 70 people there, but everyone and the band were great.

Big Day Out in Australia (i think 2002 i think) was amazing. Amen on at midday when it was about 100 degrees and watching Mike Patton (with Tomahawk) with about 200 other people were the highlights.

Trivium with the 1st band on main stage slot at Download and the momment they got popular, six massive pits.

I can only think of 2 bands who i'd never heard of before seeing them live, who then amazed me. Gojira at Download and Dillinger Escape Plan supporting System of a Down.

Lostprophets and Hundred Reasons are the 2 bands ive seen the most times. Both put on great shows everytime.


I know ive forgotten loads but as i said ive been to so many gigs it's hard to remember!


The only band who have really dissapointed me live are System of a Down. I was so excited when i first saw them at Brixton but they were awful. As mentioned above DEP supporting probably didnt help them. Since then ive seen SOAD at a couple of festivals and they haven't been much better.


Edit: Considering it's my sig, i shouldn't of forgot Faith No More at Download!

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i remember that ATDI performance too. My dad actually recorded that when i was out (i didnt know they were on) to show me how bad they were. He didn't know i was a fan, he just said something like 'watch this from earlire, worst band ive ever seen, it aint music' haha, good times.

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Amen on at midday when it was about 100 degrees and watching Mike Patton (with Tomahawk) with about 200 other


this might have been pre-2000, but i remember seeing Amen in London in the LA2 back when they released their first album (might have been just after the 2nd actually)...now i saw the band around 5-6 times altogether and they were kinda inconsistent. Caskey Chaos was always an insane frontman, great to watch and the gigs always had that element of danger about them, but at this gig (it was probably their biggest headline gig at that point, maybe the biggest they ever did) it just clicked. For such a raw sounding band, they were so fucking tight. I remember standing near the front and just being blown away buy by the whole thing, they fucking crushed.


Amen were a band that it's a shame fell apart. I know Casey tried to keep it going with different musicians but it just wasnt the same after the original band fell apart.


A modern day equivalent is Gallows. Pretty much an underground/hardcore band that have somehow broke out into the mainstream (mainly due to Kerrang's backing, Amen had the same). I feel Gallows will go the same way, they'll have the 'in' crowd follow them, they'll soon die off. They'll always have their hardcore fanbase (as Amen did), but the underground will never accept em back. It's just the way it goes....on a side note, i rate Amen far, far superior musically to Gallows, i was just making a comparison.


Amen's first album in my opinion is a genuine classic record, that thing is just brutal.

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While linking good TV performances, I'm still delighted I was there to see this:


Dreadful, dreadful performance. I was ashamed to be a fan of ATDI when I saw that.


I thought it was quite good. I know different people want different things when seeing bands live. But for me, with a band like ATDI, Amen, DEP, Slipknot, etc, i want them to go crazy, instead of just standing there playing the music perfectly.

As i say, it depends on the music and band. Mastodon, for instance, are great live but they just stand and play.

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