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  1. Wow I can't believe somone else brought this up! That line and the whole part when they stop running has stayed with me since childhood and was such an early example of badassery! I brought the Power of the Primes Predaking last year, it's a massive 18inch toy that looks so amazing. The Predacons are prob my favorite Transformer Sub Team.
  2. Blaster, Perceptor, Roadbuster, Whirl, Trypticon, The Predacons, I think maybe the Constructicons, the Sharkticon Gnaw? All were not released here. A lot of Action Force/G I Joe were not too. Going to Florida in 89 and walking into Toys R Us was quite an experience seeing the amount of toys we didn't get in the UK. Safe to say I wish I had a lot of money at that time but sadly had fuck all being a kid so had to choose what to buy very carefully. The leaflets would become very popular among my friends of course.
  3. Yeah we had to either buy the VHS releases or rent them for seasosn 2-3 I remember feeling so sad that the UK didn't get all the toys, especially Shockwave who dominated a lot of the early Marvel comic and Swoop which would have allowed me to complete my Dinobot collection! But no we had to just stare at them on the leaflet! I finally did get my hands on a boxed G1 original Shockwave 2 years ago. Not the best toy really but fulfilled a childhood dream.
  4. So I'm nearly done reading Greg Lamberts book and it has made me feel all nostalgic. I found the UKFF because of the FWA and never really knew much about the UK scene apart from articles in Power Slam. The FWA for me was at times really good and the closest we got to an ECW in the UK. At other times it was badly run and made no sense. Reading Lamberts book has made a lot of things come clear in my mind, like how they survived financially show to show. What I really want to talk about though is the in ring product, no doubt in Doug Williams, Jonny Storm and Jodie Fleisch they had 3 guys who could really tear the house down. When they brought over stars like AJ Styles and put them up against one of the 3 we normally got a great match. Later guys like Burchill, Zebra Kid, Aviv Mayaan amd Spud all become consistant show stealers as well.I really liked the brawls FWA did as well, the feud between the Family (which was a great gimmick) and the team of Alex and Ulf was always fun. I attended most shows from When Thunder Strikes which I believe was April 2001 untill Vendetta 2003, after that I lost interest. Most shows were amazing and I left feeling exhausted at all the chanting I'd done. I feel the FWA missed some big opportunities though, such asKeeping Alex Shane babyface - people always talk about what a great heel he was but as a babyface he had so much more potential, he had the radio show, was very personable to fans and had the larger than life appearance of a Hogan or Big Daddy. He turned heel because he thought the online community hated him so much but anyone who was at Revival will tell you he was a huge star that night and could have crossed over to the main stream.When he did turn heel they dropped the ball not having him and Ulf work a program, it made no sense that he was suddenly working with Jack Xavier, I assume it was because Shane knew Xavier would bump his ass off for him and make him look great.They also dropped the ball with making a womans division, they didn't seem bothered about woman's wrestling untill Alex and Nikita started dating, but then they had her constantly working with guys which made no sense as she wasn't a Chyna style woman but quite normal in size, they brought Sweet Sarya in but the program never took off, again I think the rumour was that Nikita was scared of getting stiffed and knew none of the guys would hurt the bosses girlfriend.I didn't see any of the comeback they attempted a few years ago but apart from free shows at conventions I don't think it went anywhere, shame.
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