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  1. Herne's Son

    Perfect Albums

    Already so many I agree with in this thread so I thought I would add some of my own personal choices - ridiculed as they may be Breed 77/ Cultura - This album was on constant rotation in my room in 2004 and not one skipable track IMO, this band deserved so much better. The Game /The Documentary - Slickly produced by Dr Dre this is just great song after great song and no he never reached these heights again! Marilyn Manson/ Mechanical Animals - At the time the goth kids were disappointed as their hero went all glam rock on them, which is probably why this album gets overlooked but top to bottom it is a great great album which they (or he) never got close to making again. Many other albums I love come close but normally have 1 or 2 tracks which let them down, will agree with 'Ten' and 'Rumors' as the most perfect albums though!
  2. Herne's Son

    McGregor McRetires? No. But let's talk about him anyway.

    Where are you all reading/hearing about this juicy McGregor gossip? If you won't spill the beans at least point us in the right direction.
  3. Herne's Son

    NJPW World

    New Japan is getting a bit stale for me, the departures of The Elite and Kushida, Hiromu still being on the shelf, the never ending LIJ/Suzuki Gun feund and the constant pushing of the awful Jay White is making me lose interest rapidly. Compare that with how I felt this time last year and it's like night and day. I understand Japan always has multi man matches on the undercard but when it's basically the same match throughout a whole tour as it's been with this New Begining tour it starts to become very easily missable. I hope they can start mixing things up a bit in the booking to make the product more exciting again because right now it's the least interesting it has been in years IMO.