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  1. Probably playing FIFA in Holland and ignoring Bellator's phone calls. Seriously, I think he's still fighting Lima for the vacant middleweight title. Although they haven't announced a date yet.
  2. He looked great against Kongo in his last bout. That may not sound like much, but few look good against Kongo. We will see how he does against Nemkov next week. The top-end of their 205lbs division is actually quite strong. It has Bader, Davis, Nemkov and now Anderson. Their heavyweight division is shit though. As is their lightweight division.
  3. Bader is ace. Although I hope Nemkov beats him in a few weeks time.
  4. Chandler could also follow Rory to PFL. I enjoyed seeing Meathead get wrecked. But beyond that, nothing much else of note really happened on the card.
  5. I scored it a draw. If I had to go one way, I would have gone with Jonas. You could hear Gallagher say "fucking hell" just before the scores were announced. I assume he'd seen the scorecards.
  6. The official ruling was suicide. However, many believe that Sakakibara's Yakuza faction had Morishita killed. Dream Stage was in debt to Sakakibara's Yakuza faction at the time. After his death, Morishita's shares in Dream Stage ended up in Sakakibara's hands and he assumed Morishita's role as Pride's front man. Aye, a lot of people believe that Fuji TV cancelled Pride because of the media stories, but that wasn't the case. Instead, the Japanese police approached Fuji and told them to terminate Pride's contract with them. Apparently Gomi spent fight week getting hammered in Vegas, which probably explains why his cardio was so poor against Diaz.
  7. Main card for tomorrow's event: Michael Chandler (155.9) vs. Benson Henderson (155.6) Matt Mitrione (263.2) vs. Timothy Johnson (262.6) Myles Jury (155.5) vs. Georgi Karakhanyan (155.5) Curtis Millender (174) vs. Sabah Homasi (175) Borics and Agazarm's fights are on the preliminary card. I'm rooting for Bendo and Johnson.
  8. I wouldn't mind seeing Warren and Hearn interact at a press conference.
  9. I have no idea how he remembers all of these fights. I have zero recollection of Condit vs Miura, even though I probably watched it at the time. I'd also forgotten about Sanchez vs Guida.
  10. Aye, what sad fuck actually paid for that card...............................ahhh fuck. Btw, I had Guida winning on the night as well.
  11. Eggington vs Cheesman was tons of fun. I scored it a draw. I think it was quite clear that most the early rounds went to Cheeseman and most of the late rounds went Eggington. I can see why Cheeseman got the nod though. He did briefly stun Eggington in one of the later rounds (I forget which) and another of the later rounds was pretty tight as well.
  12. Breen seems to think that the UFC's 205lbs division has a lot of potential - https://www.bloodyelbow.com/2020/7/31/21349315/middleweights-slow-steady-and-strange-journey-into-the-mma-spotlight Given that he watches every UFC show and tracks the progress of its Light Heavyweight's prospects, I find his take quite uplifting. I find that Breen is right more than he is wrong.
  13. Looking forward to this tomorrow. I haven't been watching Warren' shows or the shows in the US, so this will be my first boxing card in months! It's a nice little domestic card.
  14. I'm not sure about Miocic. But I would pick Jones to beat Ngannou. I like Big Francis, and while I don't think he's a bum, I still have a sinking feeling that his recent resurgence says just as much about how crap Heavyweight MMA is as it does his own personal improvement.
  15. Paulie Malignaggi has been sacked by Showtime. Apparently he made some dodgy comments on IFL a few months ago about racism. IFL have since removed the video, so I am not sure what he actually said. Regardless, Paulie's fall from grace has been sad to see. He used to be one of my favourite characters in boxing.
  16. Btw, Usyk vs Del Boy looks to be happening in October now. I have a massive soft spot for Del Boy, but he's going to get wrecked. Usyk is for my money the best boxer on the planet, and I don't think he'll struggle with the move to heavyweight as badly as some think. I'd pick Fury to beat him, that's about it.
  17. Borics vs Campos has been added to the August 7th show btw.
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