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  1. Fuck, I forgot about the Dublin card. Two straight nights of MMA? Not sure I can handle that.
  2. So Moose vs Machida next weekend? Since the Lovato Jr loss, Moose has been on a worldwide moaning tour. He first returned to Holland where he went on TV to complain about Coker, Bellator's drug testing, and his own performance (he admitted he was "sleeping-mode" and that cost him). He then went back to America to promote the Machida rematch, where he moaned about people moaning about his moaning. If Mousasi enters the cage motivated and with the right game-plan, he should beat Machida with ease. When Mousasi is on, he can make it all look effortless - see for example his fights against Munoz, Sobral and Carvalho. Moreover, the 4 fight win streak that Machida is currently on is nothing to shout about. He shouldn't have gotten the nod from the judges against Andres in Brazil, was taken to the wire by Carvalho, and bested ancient versions of Sonnen and Belfort. However, there have been occasions in Mousasi' career that he has looked sloppy against average opposition and there is a real feeling that fighting isn't that important to him anymore. His interviews in recent months have indicated that he's just going through the motions until his contract runs out. I'll go with Mousasi by decision, but I won't be shocked if it goes the other way, something I would not have said a year ago. Elsewhere, I have decided to support Caldwell in the FW GP. The better he does at FW, the better it makes Horiguchi's wins over him look. Yes, I really am that petty. I'm also looking forward to seeing Pitbull vs Archuleta, McKee, and Rogers next weekend. Should be a good night of fights.
  3. The ruleset in Pancrase worked against Rutten in many ways. The rules stated that the fighters couldn't strike with closed fists, and that downed fighters would be allowed 10 seconds to get back to their feet. This meant that Rutten had to strike with open fists, which took away some of his punching power. It also meant that it took longer for him to finish opponents, as he couldn't finish downed opponents with GnP. Instead, he had to keep knocking his opponent down until they could not answer the 10 count. Nevertheless, even if his Pancrase career was disregarded, Rutten would still make the MMA HOF (IMO). He guided the likes of Ludwig, Kerr, and Newton through the best years of their careers. He also had a lot of input into Sudo's early MMA career. He transformed Sudo's from a pure wrestler into a world-class MMA fighter. Ludwig's current training system, which has developed world-class fighters such as Dillashaw and Benavidez, is heavily inspired by Rutten's training methods. Bas was a true pioneer of the game. Comparable to the Gracies, Franky Shams, and Miletich.
  4. - He says that Fury prepared well and came in lighter than anticipated. But did eat the wrong foods after the weigh-in. - Claims that the plan was to box from distance in the early round and close the distance in the mid-rounds. - Says that he was a bit heavy-footed in the early rounds, and this showed in the locker-room before the fight when they were practising fighting at distance. - Didn't completely rule out the possibility that Tyson over-trained. Tyson apparently trains when Davidson is not around.
  5. The UFC should make Khabib vs Ferguson next, and have Gaethje on stand-by in case one drops out (again). Anything other than Khabib vs Ferguson would be a let-down. But Khabib vs Gaethje, or Ferguson vs Gaethje, would be suitable replacements. Aldo can keep McGregor busy.
  6. I was worried after the cut happened. However, I ended up giving Wallin only 2 rounds, perhaps 3 rounds at the most. The judges got it right. Obviously, it wasn't Fury's best performance though. Davidson said last week that he was concerned about Fury over-training. But he seemed to think he had him under control. Perhaps not.
  7. I think he is near the top in terms of ability. The problem is that he hasn't made the most of it. Apparently, he didn't even know the benefits of drinking water until he joined the Ingle gym. He also barely trained for the Eubank Jnr fight - even though he still won. If he doesn't get his act together, he could go down as one of the biggest "what ifs" in recent memory.
  8. BJS is a complete tosser, and hasn't made the best of his ability over the years. But aye, he's one of Britain's best boxers. Perhaps even the best Britain has P4P, as depressing as that is to read.
  9. I'm not sure whether you could have both. If the UFC were to run every week between 2003-2006, they would need the majority of the world's best fighters under contract. That would leave Pride's roster looking like Rizin and One FC's rosters do now - a few world-class fighters, a few decent prospects, a handful of has-beens, and a ton of domestic/mid-level fighters. If, somehow, Pride was able to hang on to the majority of the world's best fighters and still only run 10 times a year, then they would be the toast of the MMA community. Their cards would be stacked and every show would feel like something special. By contrast, the UFC would not only be over-saturated, but their cards would be weak as piss and easier to ignore.
  10. You couldn't resist, could you?
  11. I was about to post that. If Rizin could somehow book that fight at the Saitama Super Arena, I would be thrilled. Beyond that, I am not that interested in Mighty Mouse (or One FC).
  12. Sky have settled down a bit with PPVs this year. They put AJ vs Ruiz, Whyte vs Rivas, and Loma vs Campbell on PPV. That's 3 PPVs in the space of 8/9 months. Of course, that would have been 4 had Hearn been able to make Khan/Brook in Jan/Feb. With the Taylor/Prograis card and Joshua/Ruiz bill on the horizon, it's probable that Sky will finish the year having held only 5 PPV cards. Although, Adam Smith didn't rule out the possibility of the KSI vs Logan Paul card also being put on Box Office. The major increase in PPVs, at least in the past 18 months or so, has come from BT and ITV getting in on the game. BT have not only put Fury's fights behind a paywall, but some UFC cards as well. ITV put the latter stages of last year's Super Series behind a paywall and Pacquiao's most recent fight.
  13. Nigel Benn vs Sakio Bika is heavily rumoured for November in Birmingham. Wtf.
  14. I was genuinely unaware that Fury was fighting this weekend. Elsewhere, Adam "Respect" Smith is still at large.
  15. His personal life was also in tatters. I seem to recall that he was sleeping on the mats of his training facility.
  16. I suspect that the rematch will headline Rizin's December 31st show. With Rampage/Fedor and Bader/Procházka headlining the December 29th show co-promoted by Bellator and Rizin. Should be a fun end to the year.
  17. The latest from the Rizin Confession series. It covers Horiguchi's loss to Kai Asakura. Highly recommended!
  18. I think he's perfect for light-heavyweight. Those additional 20lbs would be difficult for him to lose. If he tried, I can imagine he'd face the same issues as Rockhold and Weidman. Both of them abandoned the middleweight division primarily because the weight cut was making them weak and brittle. But, who knows.
  19. Fair points. Jack Slack brought up an interesting point the other week. Jones looked below par when he added bulk to his frame for the OSP fight. He's not really built to be a heavyweight. His frame is perfect for light-heavyweight. Which is why I would be surprised if he jumps in at the deep-end of the division. It's unclear how he would perform as a heavyweight.
  20. If they do indeed intend to match him with either Reyes, Walker, or Anderson, which is very possible, then Jones will not fight until early 2020. All three contenders are fighting in either October or November. I guess it's possible that Jones will test the waters at HW in December. However, the likes of Overeem, JDS, Lewis, etc are all booked, and I think we can rule DC out for reasons already mentioned. The only available heavyweights with name value are Miocic and Ngannou. Jones would be taking one heck of a risk if he fought Miocic. And quite a risk if he fought Ngannou.
  21. Apparently he's been a drunk for much of his career. I think it's a bit of an open-secret. His training partners, coaches and friends apparently make fun of him for it, and he told reporters in 2014 that he would quit drinking if the UFC gave him a title shot. He was also clearly sozzled at a recent Rizin show. I think he's pretty harmless though. I've never heard of him starting fights or causing trouble. In fact, in comparison with other Lightweight kingpins, such as Khabib, Penn, Aoki and McGregor, he's comes across as a decent bloke. Although that is admittedly a low-bar.
  22. That's shaping up to be a top card. I wonder what is next for Jones? Last I heard, Santos still has no timetable for a comeback and is unlikely to be cleared to train before the end of the year. Reyes, Walker and Anderson are all pencilled in for upcoming fights, and he holds recent victories over Gusty and Smith. Elsewhere, Oezdemir has lost 3 out of his late 4 fights. Could Rakic be next for him? Or something more interesting?
  23. Plot twist: Blachowicz is now pencilled in to fight Jacare in November.
  24. Another thing to remember is that Gomi fought 10 times in the two year span that I discussed. By contrast, Khabib last 10 fights date back to the simmer of 2012 - a whole 7 years ago. Also, while I agree that the Lightweight division is stronger now and Khabib's run is arguably better, the Lightweight class was still very competitive in the mid-2000s. In addition to the fighters that Gomi faced and beat, there was also Hellboy Hansen, Yves Edwards and Josh Thomson. In fact, two of them competed in the LW GP that Gomi won in 05. Sherdog gave Gomi the fighter of the year award in 2005 over Shogun and Fedor. Jack Slack also described Gomi as the best fighter in the world in early 2007 when he lost to Diaz. I didn't agree with either of those distinctions, but it shows how critically acclaimed he was in some circles. The man was always flawed, he was a massive piss-head, and his career later suffered because he started to believe his own hype and became a wild brawler. However, at his best, which was probably during the LW GP, he was a dynamo. Prime Gomi vs Prime McGregor would have been an amazing spectacle.
  25. I do think some underestimate what Gomi achieved in his prime. These were his best wins between December 2004 and December 2006: Pulver: Ranked 10th at LW at the time LW. Kawajiri: Ranked 1st at LW at the time. Continued to be ranked in the top 5 at LW for 2 years afterwards. Sakurai: Ranked 10th at WW at the time. Was ranked in the top 5 at LW for 18 months afterwards. Aurélio: Ranked 7th at LW at the time. Continued to be ranked in the top 10 at LW for a year or so afterwards. Ishida: Ranked 3rd at LW at the time. Continued to be ranked in the top 10 at LW until mid-2008. He notched up a further 4 wins during this timeframe as well. His only loss in this period came to Aurelio, which he later avenged. I don't think he's a match for Khabib head to head - I think Khabib would maul him. Nonetheless, I do think his resume and activity during this period puts him in the conversation for best lightweight ever. He more or less fought and beat the best lightweights of his time, all in a 2 year timeframe.
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