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  1. I'm the same as ever. I'll watch the big shows. But for the smaller shows, I will continue to just read the results and perhaps watch highlights of the main event.
  2. The Real Middleweight GOAT: And an incredibly handsome one at that ๐Ÿ˜‰
  3. Usman's manager thinks that Masvidal wants to rematch Diaz: In the past few months alone, McGregor has been linked to fights with Mayweather, Pacquiao, Diaz, Khabib, Masvidal, Gaethje, Usman, and probably a few others that I am forgetting.
  4. In case anyone fancies a bit of reading: Jack Slack on Cro Cop's decline - https://www.bloodyelbow.com/2012/7/27/3192110/judo-chop-the-curious-case-of-mirko-cro-cop-filipovic Nate Wilcox on Couture's dark side - https://www.bloodyelbow.com/2011/4/20/2122649/the-other-side-of-randy-couture-part-1 https://www.bloodyelbow.com/2011/4/27/2136878/the-other-side-of-randy-couture-2-randy-vs-the-ufc The Cro Cop article is some of Slack's best work. It offers the most convincing explanation for why Cro Cop's career declined after leaving Pride. The Couture articles cover his split from Team Quest and the circumstances in which he left the UFC in 2007. I adore Couture as a fighter. So much so, that I have been binge watching his instructional DVDs this week on Youtube. However, despite being one of MMA's greatest heroes and beloved by most fans, he probably is a bit of a dickhead.
  5. Finally got round to watching the Matt Lindland documentary, which you can find for free on Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WR3-lnJCI5k It's a decent little watch. It mostly covers Lindland's side of the story for why he was released from his UFC contract in 2005. I used to think it was a bit of a myth that the UFC got rid of Lindland in order to protect Franklin. They theory, for those who don't know it, went that the UFC knew that Lindland was a better fighter than Franklin, yet because the latter was more marketable, they wanted to avoid him fighting the former and losing his title. At the time, I was a bit dismissive of Lindland and his ability, so I didn't fully buy into that theory. Today, however, I see things a bit differently. I don't necessarily believe that the only reason Dana fired Lindland was to protect Franklin. As covered in the documentary, there were other reasons why White released Lindland from his UFC contract. Nonetheless, Lindland was on a great run during that the mid-2000s. In that time, he scored stoppage victories over Travis Lutter, Nino Schembri, Jeremy Horn, and Mike Van Arsdale. He also took Rampage Jackson to the limit in July of 2006 - in a fight that many felt he won. Therefore, I think he would have had an excellent chance of beating Franklin and a strong chance of beating Anderson Silva. I don't particularly like the guy or anything, but he was a very good fighter for his time, and really should have been UFC Champion at some point.
  6. I know he changed camps a lot in the final few years of his career. Before that, he trained at Team Quest for years. I'm actually a bit surprised he lasted as long as he did there. As a gentle soul who liked to do his own thing, he must have been out of place at that camp when you consider who else trained there. Couture fell out with almost everyone he did business with. Lindland was meant to be very difficult to be around. And Sonnen was Sonnen - a charming bloke, but someone who could be a complete bellend.
  7. I watched the "Once I Was A Champion," documentary years ago. Sonnen's comments on it were very insensitive (iirc).
  8. There were a few MMA magazine shows that O'Donnell hosted. Borg probably popped up on all of them at some point. A quick Google search reveals that he co-hosted at least one of them with O'Donnell. Here is O'Donnell putting him in a poorly executed RNC:
  9. He did the post-fight interviews for some of Cage Rage's later shows - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ct9QXUvqGIE He was on the scene long before BAMMA's emergence. There are videos on Youtube of him messing around with Dave O'Donnell in 2007.
  10. He was 53. It says so in Breen's Tweet. I don't think the cause of death was ever revealed. Amazingly, he isn't the worst Freeman to have announced at a MMA show. That rings a bell. They also used OJ Borg at one point.
  11. There is speculation that they are switching some of their shows to Showtime - https://www.boxingscene.com/showtime-aims-stage-boxing-bellator-crossover-events--148841
  12. That did play a role. I should have mentioned that. Jones is little different though. The only official stoppage he has on his record since 2013 is Gusty. See above about Jones's stoppage percentage since 2013. GSP didn't lose a round between 2007 and late 2012. In that time he faced Fitch, Koscheck, Alves, Penn and Shields. You can't get much more definitive than that. GSP rallied against Penn and Condit when they had him in trouble. He had the same ability to overcome adversity. GSP beat a wide range of fighters as well. GSP had off-days, such as his ones against Hardy and Shields, and still won every round. Jones had 13 fights before facing Shogun. GSP had 7 fights before facing Hughes. I credited Jones' win over Shogun above btw. Both have had success against top contenders at 205lbs. Smith has wins over Oezdemir and Gustafsson. Santos has a win over Bล‚achowicz. The majority of people thought Reyes beat Jones. The majority of people thought Hendricks beat GSP. Whatever our personal opinions on those bouts, it's safe to say that both were lucky to get the nod. Even if Jones was better at 23 than GSP, it doesn't mean he was better in general. I could just as easily say that GSP at 25 was dominating Hughes to win the welterweight belt, whereas Jones was almost getting armbarred by Vitor Belfort. Or that at the same point of his career that GSP was schooling Fitch, Jones was getting taken to the limit by Gusty. Jones is also showing the same signs of regression at 32 as GSP did. Longevity can be overrated. Johnny Nelson had longevity and a lengthy title reign. Few would rate him as an all-time great because he boxed in a naff division. I'm not saying that Jones is MMA's Johnny Nelson. But he isn't the GOAT in my opinion because I think the 205lbs division is weak and don't rate a lot of the wins on his record. Top 3 all-time? For now, yes. Of course it is subjective, there is no objective way to have these debates really.
  13. Okay fine. I don't agree that Khabib doesn't have the time to match Jones's resume though. Khabib already has wins over McGregor, RDA, and Poirier. If he can beat Gaethje, which is a massive if, his best wins will be at least a match for Jones's best wins. It was a close fight. The only two people I know who scored the fight to GSP was Dave Meltzer and me (on a rewatch). It wasn't a robbery, but Hendricks probably should have received the nod. A bit like Jones with Reyes.
  14. Heavier fighters will naturally have more finishes. Some of those wins are nothing to get overly excited about. As examples, Sonnen was a blown-up middleweight and Bader was a choker at the stage of his career. His best win stoppage win came in the rematch against Gustafsson. He barely beat Santos. That fight undermines Jones's merit if anything. Same with the Reyes decision - who most felt he lost to. Fair is fair, the first win over DC was impressive. As were his wins over Shogun, Glover and Rashad. 205lbs has been a weak division for years. Smith and Santos were practically journeyman at 185lbs. They went up to 205lbs and became contenders immediately. Past-it fighters such as Shogun, etc have hung around for years in the 205lbs rankings because there are not better fighters to replace them. It's a shallow talent pool. Those are Jones's personal choices. How many fighters would be superior if they made better choices? Plenty, I would guess. GSP got stopped by Serra and was gifted the win against Hendricks. Those count against him. The Hughes loss should be discounted partially because he was a novice and Hughes was one of the best fighters in the sport at the time. Other than those three fights, he was pretty much dominant throughout his career in a tougher weightclass. Jones has a DQ loss on his record, a NC, a gift decision against Reyes, and two razor close decision wins against Santos and Gusty. There are just as many blemishes on Jones's record as there are on GSP's. And Jones fought in a weaker weightclass. Make up your mind. Just last month you said Khabib was "the greatest MMA fighter I've ever seen, that's for sure"
  15. One of my favourite MMA entrances:
  16. Anik misread the 3rd round. He made out that DC had clearly won it - when in reality, it was a close round that Miocic edged. Had Miocic not suddenly figured out that DC was vulnerable to body shots, rounds 4 and 5 would have probably mirrored round 3 - with both fighters trading shots and Miocic getting the better of the action. DC isn't a 5 round fighter these days. His body is broken down from years of training at AKA and he doesn't take body shots well. His best hope against Miocic in the third fight is to catch him early on.
  17. Yeah, I remember reading that as well. I am fairly certain he died in 2009. Like you, I can't find any confirmation. The Cage Warriors forum barely works anymore and there is no information about him in Sherdog's archives.
  18. I'm picking Stipe. Miocic will have surely learnt from his success going to the body in the last fight. I'm surprised it took Miocic so long to figure out that DC doesn't like body shots. Jones, and to a lesser extent Josh Barnett, showed that DC can be slowed down that way.
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