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  1. I watched the video last week and sensed something was awry. It was difficult to match the subtitles at the end of the video to Dana's words. In particular the comment "β€œand listen whenever you hear me saying stuff, I’m not saying …the truth.” At the time, I attributed it to poor audio quality. Obviously, that wasn't the case as the unedited footage shows. It's a shame, because as others have said, Cyborg's team didn't have to edit the video. They already had the moral high-ground. As for Dana, he's not as bad as some of his "rivals", such as Sakakibara and arguably Bjorn Rebney, but he's still a complete tosser. I've long said that I only watch UFC shows for the fighters. These days, with the promotion's main fighters mostly comprising of dickheads, albeit very talented dickheads, I only watch for the actual fights. I don't like the actual promotion, most of the people central to it, its bloated schedule, how they present the sport, etc. I can't argue with how successful they have been. From a business perspective, they have a done a far better job than any other MMA promotion, and it's possible I wouldn't have become a fan of the sport without their ascendancy in the mid-2000s. But I am ultimately a MMA fan, not a UFC fan.
  2. The main card for Bellator 225 on August 18th: It's all about Sergei for me. I'd bloody love it if he beat Meathead and put himself in line for the winner of Bader/Kongo. Elsewhere, Fortune is meant to be one of Bellator's best prospects. I'm looking forward to seeing him fight for the first time. I don't know much about his opponent. The Rickles vs Amosov bout should be interesting as well.
  3. This is the guy who supposedly went 50/50 with Khabib - https://www.sherdog.com/fighter/Magomed-Magomedov-8958 Although in fairness to Khabib, it was only his 2nd pro fight.
  4. DC and Jones want to fight one another again at Light Heavyweight. Dana wants them to fight at Heavyweight. I think the result of Miocic vs DC 2 in a few weeks may determine how things work out. A shot at becoming a 2-weight champion, and an extra wad of cash, may coax Jones into stepping up to heavyweight.
  5. A few people who are familiar with him have said this. He's meant to have been a dickhead in college. It was ironic that he used Matt Hughes's accident to play up to his heelish persona. Although Colby is a knob, he's probably nowhere near as bad as Hughes.
  6. Some on the Sherdog forum legitimately thought it was a work. In reality, I think Covington simply wore him down and perplexed him.
  7. Covington's comments about Hughes were tasteless. However, they probably won't land him in hot water. Hughes is one of the least sympathetic characters in the MMA community. He's also seemingly taken Covington's comments on the chin: I have little to add about the fight itself. Covington made Lawler look very old throughout the fight. The only meaningful offence that Lawler landed over the entire fight was a meaty punch in the 3rd frame. Nevertheless, while he is a world-class fighter, and may well prove himself to be the best welterweight in the world later in the year, the Covington spectacle still does little for me. I will watch his fight with Usman, but only because of its relevance to the sport. The trash talk between the two does little for me. It doesn't make me want to watch to see Covington get beat. It's just kinda lame. The entire situation sums up the UFC in 2019. I mostly view their shows for what happens inside the cage. Little else.
  8. I've been watching videos from this Youtube Channel the past few days in an attempt to familiarise myself with Rizin's roster. The videos have English commentary, which helps a great deal - https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=rizin+fight+club I'm going to give their next event a go. They only do 6-8 events per year, so it shouldn't be too taxing to follow. Horiguchi was the hook that got me interested. Horiguchi, Asakura and Tenshin seem to be their biggest stars.
  9. My problem with Covington's gimmick is that it's a poorly delivered and humourless version of Sonnen's old shtick. I can't argue that it hasn't benefited him. It's raised his profile and made his fights more interesting. I also do not dispute that he's a world-class fighter (although Usman is superior). But do I personally enjoy the whole Covington spectacle? No.
  10. I stumbled across the Mighty Mouse fight. His opponent, who was much bigger than him, gave him a bit of bother early on and clearly won the first frame. Johnson had to rally at the end of the 2nd round and throughout the 3rd round to secure the decision. It's a different world in the far east.
  11. BJS has left Warren - https://www.frankwarren.com/warren-and-saunders-agree-terms-for-amicable-parting/ I assume Matchroom will now snap him up.
  12. Aye, his knockout of Tiki at UFC 40 left quite an impression on me. That was one of the first MMA knockouts I saw. That fight took place 17 years ago ffs!
  13. That looked like one hell of a fight based on the highlights. The crowd were well into it as well. Can't say I followed the SuperBrawl promotion much though.
  14. I can't remember his commentary in that specific bout. But aye, if he gets an idea in his head during a fight, he tends to run it into the ground. It's frustrating, because while I have never really been fond of him on a personal level, he can be a very good commentator/pundit.
  15. I only watched the main event, so I can't comment myself, but many on Twitter were critical of Rogan's commentary. He was pushing false narratives all night according to some. Oh and Schaub's comedy special received rave reviews on imdb - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt10171746/
  16. Warren's video has since been taken down. Perhaps Eddie put a call in.
  17. The UFC wouldn't risk signing her to a straight 1-fight deal, where she can leave the organisation while still recognised as their champion. If they did sign her to a 1-fight extension, it would have a "champions' clause" in it. Meaning, that if she managed to beat Nunes and regain the title, she would be contractually obliged to defend the title in the UFC at a later date, and not authorised to fight elsewhere in the interim. I believe the UFC and Bellator have "champions' clauses" or similar clauses written into the contracts of all their fighters.
  18. This is where the rumour originates from - https://twitter.com/TalkMMA/with_replies I get what the UFC are trying to do. McGregor vs Aldo 2 would do big numbers, and a win for McGregor would set up nicely for another crack at the lightweight kingpin (presumably Khabib). However, it's a risky fight for Conor. I think he's the favourite, but not by a massive margin. If the UFC could book it and then squeeze in Khabib vs Ferguson for December, I would be a happy man.
  19. I like all of the 4 kings. Leonard is probably the best of the bunch. There is a reason why most boxing experts think he would have beaten Mayweather if they met in their respective primes. But he did get a bit lucky with the judges when he fought the other "kings". I felt Hearns did enough to beat him in their rematch. I also had Hagler edging him as well. Duran's cornerman blamed the ref for not letting Duran work on the inside. However, the book's main conclusion was that Duran was too slow at that stage of his career ("legs of stone), and Leonard fought a risk-free, but occasionally dirty, fight. I love that book btw.
  20. Just getting this in early. Horiguchi is fighting for Rizin on August 18th. His opponent is 7-1 and recently avenged his only loss. I haven't been following Rizin. I have, however, heard that they have the old Pride magic in terms of presentation. They put on one hell of a show for the live crowd. I probably won't watch the entirety of their August 18th show, but I will be finding a way to watch Horiguchi's fight. He's the toast of the MMA community at the moment. Jordan Breen ranks him in the top 10 P4P. Masvidal and many others claim he is the best fighter at ATT (that's impressive given that ATT houses Covington, Woodley, Poirier, Amanda Nunes, and many other gifted fighters). Here is hoping that he comes through later in the month and Coker can get him on a Bellator show early next year.
  21. The UFC was an utter shitshow in 2003. Almost everything went wrong for them. Big Timmy testing positive for PEDs after Rogan made those comments being a key example. Although, in Rogan's defence, Fujita had buzzed Fedor a few months before he made those comments. Hence it was believable that Sylvia could perhaps do the same. It would have been stupider had Rogan made those comments in 2005 when Fedor looked invincible.
  22. Penn vs Lentz is in the works - https://www.mmafighting.com/2019/7/26/8932579/b-j-penn-to-return-against-nik-lentz For those still keeping score, Penn has won only 1 out of his past 11 fights and is on a 7 fight losing skid.
  23. Oh, and if the UFC do bring Griffin back, perhaps they could match him with Matt Wiman. Both are from the same era and at similar stages of their careers.
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