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  1. Apparently this will happen in the next few months.
  2. Forgot about this until the other day. Apparently when they returned from adverts, Eubank had been removed from the studio:
  3. These are the notable fights they need to reschedule in the coming months: Moose vs Lima (MW title) Nemkov vs Bader (LHW title) Pitbull vs Carvalho (FW title/Featherweight GP) Gallagher vs Ellenor Fabian Edwards vs Van Steenis Benson vs Chandler McKee vs Caldwell (Featherweight GP) Sanchez vs Weichel (Featherweight GP) They also need to reschedule fights for Tokov, Daley, and others. Larkin has expressed a desire to stay active as well. We could get some cracking shows out of that lot.
  4. Myles Jury has signed a contract to fight Georgi Karakhanyan on July 17th. Coker has said they will run either in a "Southern state" or at CBS Studio Center in LA.
  5. MVP played a minor role in Adam Booth's split from the Eubanks. From the Boxing24 forum. "Warrior's Code" 😄
  6. MTK gym firebombed in Dublin. Reports are unsurprisingly linking the bombing to MTK's association with Kinhan - https://www.bloodyelbow.com/2020/6/11/21287741/dublin-gym-firebomb-peter-taylor-bray-mtk-khk-daniel-kinahan-hutch-boxing-crime-news Yeah, and we should also hear more about Jimmy Saville's charity work 😒
  7. Pride officials believed that only Hendo and Big Nog were clean. Insiders at the time were convinced that Hendo was clean. For Nogueira to be mentioned alongside him, is quite the endorsement.
  8. In early 2007, it was believed that Big Nog wouldn't be able to get licensed to fight in the US. By 2006, he only had 40% vision left in one of his eyes. He decided to have a procedure to try and restore it to 100%. However, the procedure only worsened the issue and he was left with only 10-20% vision in that eye. In retrospect, it is little wonder that his body started to fail him in the UFC. His style of fighting was not made for a long career. He was always hittable, even in his prime. And his lack of offensive takedowns meant that he often found himself on his back, and vulnerable to ground and pound (see his first bout with Fedor). He was also one of the very few fighters in that era who didn't use HGH or steroids. When you consider he fought suspected PED users such as Sapp, Fedor, Cro Cop, Barnett, and Couture - it's crazy that he didn't seek to even the playing field a bit by juicing himself. I'm not a fanboy of his or anything. I much prefer Couture and Barnett to him as fighters. But he's a true legend of the game.
  9. Arum mentioned Kinahan's name on IFL a month or so ago. That was the beginning of people acknowledging that he was still involved in the boxing game. Kinahan is now openly working with MTK again, and some believe he never actually parted ways with them. As part of an attempt to soften Kinhan's public image in preparation for his re-introduction into the boxing mainstream, there was short film/documentary released last month about the 2016 incident where three gunman tried to shoot Kinahan at a weigh-in in Dublin. The film alleged that the police and politicians may have orchestrated the shooting to influence an upcoming election. Despite public support from the likes of BJS (prick), Kugan Cassius (tosser), and others, few took the film seriously and Youtube has since taken it down. Jamie Moore was shot by gangsters believing him to be Kinahan in 2014. One rumour doing the rounds is that Frampton was later "persuaded" to hire Moore as his trainer as compensation for the shooting. Stories like this are just the tip of the iceberg. So aye, mental stuff.
  10. There are a few things I remember about Lewis vs Tyson (keep in mind I was only 14 when it happened) - There was speculation that they had signed for 2 bouts instead of 1. - Tyson actually did pretty well in the first round. - The tabloid press were quite lukewarm towards Lewis. He certainly wasn't as beloved as Joshua is today. - One of Sky's pundits openly admitted before the fight that Tyson was no longer an elite level heavyweight. He claimed that Tua was the second best heavyweight in the world behind Lewis. 😄 In fairness to Bellew, many others believed that Price was better than Fury prior to 2013.
  11. Cheers. That number doesn't quite do Rousey's popularity with female viewers justice. Rousey's fight with Correia drew around 900k. Whereas the average non-Rousey UFC PPV around that time drew roughly 500k. Thus: 18% of 900k = 162k buys. 10% of 500k = 50k buys It it is clear that Rousey was attracting more males to MMA than females though. Point taken.
  12. She was largely responsible for the strong number that the Melendez vs Masvidal card posted on Showtime in December of 2011. She was easily the biggest name on that show. Shows headlined by Diaz and the HW GP drew quite a bit less around that period. She was also partially responsible for the strong number that the Strikeforce: Miami pulled on Showtime in January of 2010. From memory, Rousey and Fedor were Strikeforce's biggest draws. Then Cyborg. I would add Gina, but she only fought for the promotion twice, one of which was with Cyborg. Source?
  13. Gross's articles for The Athletic are now free to view for non-subscribers - https://theathletic.com/author/josh-gross/
  14. Regarding Cyborg: She was actually one of Strikeforce's biggest draws between 2009 and 2011. Whether that was because of her win over Carano or Scott Coker's promotional skills is open to debate. But the numbers she drew proved that she was marketable to an extent. Later on, Dana and the UFC didn't do anything special to promote her, largely because they didn't need to. They just leeched off the popularity she had gained in Strikeforce. Is it possible that a MMA fighter could bring a segment of the LGBTQ community to the sport? I actually think it is. In 2005, few would have predicted that a female fighter would have drawn as many females to the sport. Yet, Rousey managed to do so. A large percentage of the 450k or so fans who bought Rousey's first UFC fight with Carmouche had never purchased a UFC PPV beforehand. A lot of those fans were women. It's just a matter of the right fighter coming along at the right time. However, it's likely that Dana and the UFC will not deliberately set out to "push" this fighter. It's more that said fighter would rise to the top organically, based on their own merits as a fighter and their personality traits. The UFC would then take advantage and promote them accordingly (as they did with Rousey, and to a lesser degree Cyborg).
  15. He posted that Tweet literally minutes after UFC 250 ended 😄
  16. I hope O'Malley's desire to renegotiate his contract doesn't result in him being sidelined for a while. Agreed.
  17. Some additional content if anyone is interested:
  18. The audience who bought Rousey's PPVs were mostly new viewers. I'm not sure if that audience still follows MMA now that she has retired.
  19. Masvidal is the exception to the rule when it comes to the UFC's major drawing cards. Unlike McGregor, Jones, and Khabib, he isn't, and never has been, an elite level fighter. He isn't a top 3 welterweight. Usman, Wonderboy, and Covington would all beat him (imo). Whatever can be said about McGregor, he was once the best featherweight on the planet or close to it. He's not yet been exposed at lightweight or welterweight to the point where it has had a negative effect on his drawing power (the Khabib loss was somewhat excusable). Once he loses again, and I expect he will soon, his drawing power will suffer, regardless of how charismatic he is. Jones is a overrated fighter in my view, but even I have to admit he's been the best light-heavyweight on the planet for a decade or so. Khabib is currently the lightweight champion and probably the best fighter on the planet (well until Gaethje beats him ). Masvidal certainly became more marketable by changing his appearance. But it was the freak jumping knee knockout and Askren being the perfect foil that transformed him into a drawing card. The UFC then booked him in a bout against an opponent who he matched up with very well and promoted it beautifully. I found the BMF stuff corny as fuck, but it certainly had the desired effect as most fans lapped it up. However, once Masvidal inevitably loses to a Usman or Covington, he will probably slide down the card a bit and his drawing power will diminish. It's all been a bit of a perfect storm for him, and one that others would find difficult to replicate. What I am getting at it is rare you get a fighter that is both marketable and the best in their division. It is therefore difficult for the UFC to push someone into becoming a star. And just as difficult for mid-tier fighters to market themselves to the point where they become box-office attractions. Good booking and self-promotion obviously does help enhance a fighter's status, but they can only do so much. For example, if the UFC had it their way, Cowboy Cerrone would probably be their welterweight kingpin due to his undeniable charisma. Yet, the reality is that he isn't quite good enough to be champion, regardless of how favourable the UFC's matchmaking is towards him. Thus, he remains a popular gatekeeper. A fan favourite, sure, but not someone who draws massive PPV numbers or sells out stadiums. Whether the UFC could have done more to market some of the fighters who had long title reigns - Mighty Mouse, Nunes, etc - is another debate. Personally, I don't have a strong opinion one way or another on that one.
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