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  1. What a strange video. I'm not saying that McGregor has ducked opponents, but Helwani' argument is flawed. McGregor not having a win since 2016 isn't proof that he hasn't ducked anyone.. He's only fought in the UFC once since then. A fighter's inactivity in such circumstances could easily be brought about by ducking opponents and choosing not to fight.
  2. This is tonight, in case anyone is interested. Coverage starts at 7pm on Sky Sports Action.
  3. McGregor vs Masvidal would be a monster. The UFC would no doubt resurrect the BMF belt, bring in the likes of Sly Stallone and Mike Tyson as further window dressing, and have McGregor and Masvidal trade barbs at pressers. It would also potentially solidify Masvidal as the promotion's biggest star. The UFC are already embracing him as such. He's currently featured in a TV advert for a betting company that the UFC has a business relationship with. The commercial ends with him mugging for the camera. A win over McGregor would only enhance his status further.
  4. Interesting that the fight is at welterweight. Maybe testing the waters for a summer fight with Masvidal?
  5. Ian Freeman's book gave me a chuckle. A few months before reading it, a friend told me that Freeman had made a pillock out of himself at a Cage Warriors show. Apparently, he did a stand-up comedy routine, which died on its arse, and where he kept telling the crowd to "shut up, while I am talking". Thus, I wasn't surprised that Freeman came across as a bit of a tosser in his book. I seem to recall almost every story in the book ends with him battering someone and coming across as the all-conquering hero. Although @wandshogun09 would probably enjoy the section about Frank Mir. Freeman utterly loathed him.
  6. Horiguchi has vacated the BW Title: I wouldn't mind if Bellator booked Patrick Mix to fight Kai Asakura for the vacant title. But I am not sure Bellator would want another Rizin talent to hold the BW title.
  7. Sort of. She used the same bull rushes in the Holm fight. Where she would charge forward with strikes and hope that, in one way or another, Holm would make herself vulnerable to her clinch game. Edmund had installed confidence in Rousey's striking ability without really improving it. So her striking game when charging forward left a lot to be desired. Even Tate was having some success on the feet in their rematch.
  8. The reason I don't believe the second Takada vs Rickson fight was fixed is that Takada actually winded Rickson with a knee to the body. You can hear Rickson wheezing. It's possible that the fight appeared fake because both Takada was essentially an amateur and Rickson either took him lightly, was asked to carry him, or wasn't the killer that some think he was at that stage of his life. A reason I don't think the Rickson vs Funaki fight was a fix, as some claim, is that Rickson went out of his to dictate the rules. He ensured that elbow and knee strikes were outlawed. If the fix was in, surely Rickson wouldn't have cared so much about the rules. He would have just asked Funaki to ease up on the knees strikes, which he probably feared after the Takada rematch.
  9. My understanding is that Holm used lateral movement to avoid Rousey's bull rushes. Thus, Rousey was unable to get the clinch. Her clinch game was dependent on her opponent moving backwards and running out of space. Obviously, Holm's gameplan is easier said than done. But Holm did give other fighters a clear blueprint on how to beat Rousey. It was clear that Rousey needed to add more facets to her game.
  10. So there were plans to do Rousey vs Carano in 2013, but Dana was too pushy and abusive during negotiations - https://www.mmamania.com/2019/11/25/20982544/gina-carano-comeback-dana-white-text-message-ronda-rousey-super-fight-ufc It would have been a massive spectacle. Nonetheless, I won't be losing any sleep over it not happening. In retrospect, I don't find it to be a particularly interesting match-up. Perhaps my view is coloured by how Rousey's MMA career came to an end. Her final two losses completely killed the mystique around her, if that's the right word.
  11. For the record, the guy on the Sherdog forums who is obsessed with Mousasi and thinks he can do not wrong isn't me. There are some odd gimmicks and it's usually unreadable. But I do enjoy "Gono Btw's" posts, amongst a few others.
  12. Indeed. Sakuraba would have been a welterweight today. Yet, he was booked to tangle with heavyweights and light-heavyweights for much of the early 2000s. I have no idea how he managed to fight Igor, a top heavyweight at the time, for 15 minutes. on the same night he fought for 90 minutes with Royce. Especially considering he was a smoker. Tamura was another they threw to the dogs. His first two fights in Pride came against Wanderlei Silva and Bob Sapp.
  13. Aye, the Coleman and Sturgeon fights were both works. Those being the only 2 wins on his record. All of his losses were legitimate. Although Pride officials apparently did ask Mark Kerr to have a striking battle with him. Takada wasn't really made to be a MMA fighter. He was very inexperienced and in his mid-30s when he took up MMA.
  14. I finally got round to watching Rickson vs Funaki the other week. Full video here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXgE2SZBaUE The fight itself isn't anything special. It's quite clear that Funaki is banged up and way past his best. Moreover, given that Rickson almost succumbed to knee strikes from Takada only 18 months earlier - a fighter who used to get submitted by amateurs at Bas Rutten's gym - it makes you wonder how good Rickson really was at this point as well. Yet, the fight still has great historic value. It drew massive TV numbers in Japan and Brazil. With 30-40 million watching in each country. In turn, it inspired many Japanese youngsters to join MMA gyms across the country. The fight has also been the subject of wild conspiracy theories on MMA forums. Some still believe that Funaki took a dive. and support their theory by claiming that someone posted the result of the fight, including the time of stoppage, on the internet only hours before the fight took place. It was also the fight that led to one of the biggest "what ifs" in MMA history. Namely, what would have happened had Sakuraba fought Rickson in late 2000 or early 2001? I believe Rickson and DSE President Morishita Naoto negotiated with one another in the summer of 2000. They initially could not come to an agreement on money, and "the environment and rules of the fight". In October of that year Naoto publicly stated that he wanted Rickson to fight Mike Tyson instead of Sakuraba. Nevertheless, there has been speculation that the two parties later came to terms for Rickson to fight Sakurba. Sadly, the fight was cancelled due to the death of Rickson's son in December of 2000. Rickson subsequently retired. Personally, I think Sakuraba would have beaten Rickson had they fought. Sakuraba was all wrong for the Gracie style of fighting and had the skills to make the Gracie clan fight on his terms. I.E - in positions where the Gracie could not use their BJJ. Sakuraba was also in his prime in 2000, and in my view, had been the best fighter in the sport since 1998. By contrast, Rickson was pushing 40, and as mentioned above, was showing signs of decline. Whatever your view, it makes for a fun debate.
  15. I flicked through it on Sunday morning. It was nothing to write home about really. Larkin is booked to fight on the Bellator/Rizin card in December. If he wins,I assume he will be next in line for Lima. I guess they could do MVP vs Daley 2 in the meantime, with an eye on doing the Lima vs MVP rematch in late 2020 if results pan out.
  16. I retired to bed at 6am a beaten man on Sunday morning. Joe Gallagher remains relevant, Wilder comes back from 6-0 down to spark Ortiz, and Fowler wins again. This bloody sport.
  17. Aye, I've missed having this place for breaking news and fight card schedules. Anyway, as far as I am aware, these have been the main happenings in recent weeks. - I haven't watched it, but Nick Diaz's interview with Helwani caused a bit of a stir. Diaz apparently appeared under the influence during the interview. It's been known for a while that Diaz is a partier, and that he's become quite fond of Vegas - a place that he had previously snubbed. - Jon Jones vs Dominick Reyes is pencilled in for February in Houston. - Askren has officially announced his retirement from combat sports. He cited hip problems as the main reason for his retirement. His coach, Duke Roufus, claims that Askren has been struggling with his hip for a while and its hindered his training camps.
  18. Some cliff notes: - Horiguchi has withdrawn from Rizin's NYE show with an ACL injury. He will be out of action for 10 months. So much for Coker's plan to have him return to Bellator early next year. - John Salter edged out Costello van Steenis via decision. Ironically, van Steenis' primary weakness is the exact opposite of his mentor' main weakness. Whereas Mousasi can be a little too relaxed in fights, something Mousasi refers to himself as "sleeping mode", van Steenis exhibits a little bit too much gusto, which leads to him making the wrong decisions. He gave Salter fits on the feet, but got a little too carried away and put himself in positions where he was vulnerable to Salter's grapping. It was these mistakes that lost him the fight. - Fortune continues to impress. He stopped Azunna Anyanwu on the undercard of Salter vs Van Steenis. - Linton Vassell took apart Super Sergei on the Isreal card. Sergei injured his knee early in the fight. Nevertheless, Sergei's career renaissance was always on borrowed time. He would have eventually lost to Bader, Fortune, Minakov or someone else. - There was a lot of speculation that an undercard fight on the Israel card was fixed. Here is a video for anyone interested - https://streamable.com/7kew4 - Bader and Rizin couldn't come to terms for a fight on NYE. Bader will now return in February at Light-Heavyweight. I assume Phil Davis and Nemkov will be in the frame to fight him. - Mousasi vs Lovato Jnr 2 is rumoured to be happening in January.
  19. @wandshogun09 Can we agree now that there is someone in boxing more unlikable than BJS? Interview with Joe Gallagher (go to 2mins in) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-LTHoJ_Lgg&t= Btw, I scored the fight to Ryder by 2 rounds.
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