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Worst Event Of 2006


The Worst Event Of 2006?  

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Yeah, fair enough, December to Dismember was a big bag of wank. But in the past, even if every match on the undercard failed to deliver, you could almost always rely on the Royal Rumble match delivering. When it sucked a big massive corpse-raping dick this year, coupled with one of the shittest undercards in the history of everything, it solidified that event as my worst of the year no matter what. I don't think I've ever felt as depressed about the state of American pro wrestling as I did after that show.

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After only getting one nomination I'm surprised to see 10 votes for 1PW No Turning Back.The UKFF has spoken, and this is the line-up of the 2nd worst pro-wrestling show of the entire year:- Bret Hart's first UK appearance in 4 years.- AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe vs Christopher Daniels vs Charlie Haas- Jeff Jarrett vs Bret Hart's mystery opponent (Harry Smith)- Abyss vs Sabu- Steve Corino vs Masato Tanaka- Low-Ki vs Jody Fleisch vs Jonny Storm (this was my pick for worst match of the year, so no complaints there)- Jerry Lynn vs Petey Williams- Al Snow & Blue Meanie vs Tracy Smothers & Chris Hamrick- Doug Williams vs Darren Burridge- Spud vs Elix SkipperSome of the matches were fairly poor, but the four way was very good. The comedy of JOB Squad vs Southern Comfort was fun, Bret got a fantastic reception, and Lynn vs Williams was a decent X-Division match.

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