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Bellator 255 - Pitbull vs. Sanchez II (2nd April 2021)

Egg Shen

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month out, but why not...

Bellator's first show of 2021, new broadcaster and a whole new vibe. I genuinely think this is gonna be the best year in Bellator's history, and it's starting off good!

Remember this sucker will air live over here on BBC iplayer.

The card is growing on a daily basis, so i'll add fights as we go.


Main Card:

Patricio Pitbull vs. Emmanuel Sanchez - Featherweight World Title & Featherweight GP Semi-Final

Usman Numagamedov vs. Mike Hamel

Neiman Gracie vs. Julian Jackson

Alejandra Lara vs. Kana Watanabe

Matt Mitrione vs. Tyrell Fortune


Magomed Magomedov vs. Jared Scoggins

Keoni Diggs vs. Mandel Nallo

Roger Huerta vs. Chris Gonzalez

Nice to see them lead in with Pitbull. I'll be honest, ive slept on his greatness over the year but recently its really been highlighted that he's arguably the best Featherweight in the world. Its helped that Chandler's UFC run started so well, its made people go back and look at the last time Pitbull fought Chandler, a fight in which Pitbull actually moved up a weight class, and yep...


Pitbull smushed him in a minute.

Pitbull/Sanchez met once before in 2018 with Pitbull winning a decision. I cant recall the fight off the top of my head but Sanchez is a guy i never count out, full on energizer bunny type fighter than give anyone a hard night if they dont keep up with him. That said, im hoping we eventually end up with a Pitbull/McKee final.

The debut of Usman Nurmagamedov is the other highlight. People were shocked he signed with Bellator rather than the UFC but you only have to do a little digging online to see that's regarded as one of the best prospects in the entire sport, looking forward to that.

More to follow...

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  • Egg Shen changed the title to Bellator 255 - Pitbull vs. Sanchez II (2nd April 2021)
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I dont ever wanna be happy wity someone losing a job, but he had to go. Hopefully he's still there in some capacity. Ive said previously, i dont mind him anchoring the show and all that stuff, i just didnt like him calling the fights.

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I think he had to go altogether. 

I don't think he gives a toss about the sport. He's probably only there because he's a familiar face and mates with Big John. Granted, he comes across as a really nice bloke, but I would rather he do something else with his time. I'm sure he will get another gig once the pandemic eases up. 

The question now is will Mauro be able to bring out the best in Big John? 

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Updated card:

Champ Patricio Freire vs. Emmanuel Sanchez ‚Ästfor featherweight title; featherweight grand prix semifinal
Mike Hamel vs. Usman Nurmagomedov
Neiman Gracie vs. Jason Jackson
Alejandra Lara vs. Kana Watanabe
Tyrell Fortune vs. Jack May

Mukhamed Berkhamov vs. Herman Terrado
Fabio Aguiar vs. Khalid Murtazaliev
Branko Busick vs. Jordan Newman
Roman Faraldo vs. Trevor Gudde
Cee Jay Hamilton vs. Magomed Magomedov
Ricardo Seixas Filho vs. Mandel Nallo
Chris Gonzalez vs. Roger Huerta

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That is a cool poster. Better than most of the cack UFC ones lately.

I’m definitely going to make a point of catching this show. I think Pitbull vs Sanchez has serious barnburner potential and I’m looking forward to getting a proper look at Usman Nurmagomedov and Magomed Magomedov. Huerta getting fucked up in the curtain jerker can piss off though. I’ll just pretend it never happened. 

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