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Lower card pops/moments


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11 hours ago, DCW said:

Always thought Spike Dudley standing up for Molly Holly to freshly turned heel Austin in 2001 was brilliant and crowd were into it too, think Spike even got a title match out of it in the end. Way more entertaining than Austin's first heel feud with Taker/Kane.

Also led to the brilliant Austin quotes "Molly, she's a bimbo, ain't ya heard?" and "WELL YOU AIN'T GETTIN' NO TITLE SHOT YA LITTLE BASTERD!"

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Like many people in the UK, I imagine, my first window into wrestling (outside of the games) was Smackdown on Sky One on a Saturday morning. My fondest midcard memories come from late '02/early '03 given that this is when I started watching. 

It doesn't seem to be on Youtube anymore, but Kurt Angle vs Brian Kendrick in a 5 minute challenge always sticks with me. Angle was WWE Champion, Kendrick had to survive 5 mins with him to win a WWE contract but fell short with seconds to spare. It's about as good a 5 minute match as you'll see, and since it was the first time I'd seen an angle of that nature the timing and drama of it had me gripped. Well worth seeking that one out on the WWE Network. 


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